General Down! General Down!

Earlier this week, I wanted to do a commentary providing my take on our Game of the Year voting. But there were some matters that I wanted to get out of the way first. Several external circumstances cause me to change my plans for the week.

As many of you know (unless you were in a coma or hiding under a rock for the last 48 hours), our military forces have taken action against Saddam Hussein's forces in Iraq. Earlier this afternoon (evening in Baghdad) the ground war began.

As I was returning from my bi-weekly trip back home, I was listening to a radio broadcast talking about the bravery and dedication that our armed forces display in their actions overseas. At the same time I was thinking about my column and how a so-called General could show disrespect to those brave men and women who are putting their lives on the line to protect the freedoms of myself and my fellow countrymen.

The whole General idea started about 13 years ago when I was writing some short stories as an extra credit project for my high school senior year English class. Later on in college I decided to use the character as a pen name for a weekly review column for my college newspaper, The Bottom Line. Ironically, the editor of The Bottom Line was John Breeden, who I write for here at Game Industry News. So both Breeden and myself were familiar with General Bladerunner.

Thus, when Ken Urben of former Ken's Corner fame decided to go on hiatus to please his wife (thank God that I am not married), I was asked to do a bi-weekly commentary opposite of GiN Playmate Chella. I couldn't even think of a good name to use at first, but over the last year or so I had an inspiration.

As a fan of the ill-fated XFL, I had an affinity for their choice of customizing their player jerseys. Who could ever forget great nicknames such as HE HATE ME, or DEATHBLOW, or even B-MACK? Using that inspiration I decided that I wanted to get myself a hockey jersey with the name GIN HARDCORE on the back, along with the number 97 (chosen for the year GiN first went online). Combining the use of my jersey name, along with my past weekly reviews, General Hardcore was born.

I will admit though, that I was never a fan of the name. I meant to tell Breeden this a long time ago, but I wanted to get away from my college reviews and move on with my current position. The days of the General were long gone, and aside from my "attack Greece" commentary, there really was no involvement in any of my writing with any true battle plans. They were basically a chance for me to rave out against matters in the gaming industry that really irked me.

All of this brings me back to the current situation in Iraq. As of the time of this writing, it is now 4:20 AM Iraq time, and Fox News is reporting that there are explosions near the Iraqi city of Basrah. I am bringing this up because I feel it is disrespectful to use a military rank for a title of a software reviewer and commentator. Thus, I have decided that this will be my last commentary as General Hardcore. Fear not though, as I will continue my bi-weekly commentary, but under another name which I will hopefully have within the next two weeks.

And as for the troops in Iraq, I send to them my prayers and hopes that they will return safely and successfully. May God watch over them.

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