Defending The Dawn


The hypocrisy I see from console fanboys never ceases to amaze me.

Earlier today, before recording the latest episode of the GiN Lounge, I decided I wanted to get some time in to play some Skyrim. I decided to because the latest patch came out for the Xbox 360 version that added over 200 Kinect-enabled voice commands to be used during gameplay and I wanted to give them a try.

So when logging onto Bethesda’s Skyrim website to find all the commands that were available (and yes, that includes the meme-worthy FUS RO DAH,) I noticed something very enticing: an announcement for the first expansion DLC entitled Dawnguard.

Very little is mentioned about it, aside from the fact it will be released first on Xbox 360 and more details will emerge at E3. Fair enough. I can wait a month to learn more about the DLC. Maybe if things work out, Bethesda might end up releasing Dawnguard on E3’s first day. We’ve seen it done before. But of course, if you get on Bethesda’s blog, the comments from PS3 fanboys say a completely different story.

I want to post some of the comments that were made with my own take in their insanity. For starters’

‘I’m guessing they get money from micro$oft to release on their platform first. More money they can use to make the game better.’ And ‘The classic ‘Micro$oft’ or ‘M$’ attacks. How many times have we seen this done in recent years?’

These people must have forgotten about all the money that Sony has worldwide. Keep in mind that the Xbox 360 is not that successful in Japan compared to the PS3, and all they think about is the money the US division has.

Another comment, ‘For the people who are now over the hype and are calling Bethesda on the bugs’you gave them ‘Studio of the Year’ and ‘Game of the Year.’

Yes, we did give Skyrim our choice for Game of the Year, but we also called them out on the bugs. In the 55-plus hours I spent playing Skyrim I have not had any major game-killing bugs and am to this day standing by not only my GamerGeeks Top pick for Game of the Year, but also the SIX awards we at GiN gave it, including Game of the Year. Bugs do not prevent games from winning awards. Three words: Red Dead Redemption!

Another comment, ‘Hey blockhead, don’t act like this is news. It’s been known since before the game was released. How dare you compare Bethesda to Electronic Arts.’

Ah, good old Electronic Arts. EpAy. You have to love how fanboys are willing to defend their gods of exclusive content, so much to the point that they forget about all the exclusives that PS3 owners are granted. Need I mention SSX, Battlefield 3, Dead Space 2, and Need for Speed: The Run and how all of those games include PERMANENT PS3 exclusives, as opposed to the TIMED exclusive that Dawnguard will be. Fanboy myopia at its worst.

Yet more ranting, ‘I will not be buying this regardless of what it contains unless I do so as part of a GOTY pack or on deep discount. The deal you signed with Microsoft is anti-competitive and incredibly unethical. I refuse to support it and you should feel ashamed of yourselves.’

Oh yeah. Just as the deal Sony made with EA is just as anti-competitive? Next comment!

‘Hooray, more bugs!’

Didn’t we discuss this already? Next comment!

‘It’s a timed exclusive, so yeah. 360 just gets it first because Bethesda decided to sell out. Unless they’ve changed things, but I doubt that.’

And what about what Gabe Newell did when he walked up on Sony’s stage at E3 2010 to proclaim that the PS3 would get the best version of Portal 2? Wouldn’t you call that selling out as well?

Then there is the guy who is upset because Bethsoft only released one picture. What part of the word ‘announcement’ does that fanboy not get? It’s not like when Activision unveiled their Launch Trailer for Black Ops 2. That was announced as a trailer. This is just a DLC announcement. It’s not any different from when Metal Gear Solid Rising was announced at E3 several years ago.

Okay, I can stand another I think. ‘This game is not an Xbox exclusive. It’s really lame of you guys to take money from Microsoft for a timed exclusive and make all of your fans who play on PS3 and PC wait an entire MONTH for the DLC. I don’t like being excluded/punished because I don’t play on Xbox. I’m not happy about this.’

What about all the commercials of games that show only the PlayStation logo with no mention of the Xbox 360 (or even the Wii for that matter) for games that are multiplatform? You forget about them?

And then you have the angry guys. ‘Xbox 360!? I don’t even OWN that. Much less own this product on that platform. You had BETTER be offering this on all platforms. I’m so sick of the bogus ‘exclusivity’ crap. Every time you jerk the rest of the gaming community around just to get some quick money from Microsoft, you alienate gamers who would otherwise buy your product. Despite being customers who have played your game with all the bugs you released it with, now you burn us with this announcement? And just a tease till E3? Thanks a lot, Bethesda. You really know how to let us know you care.

Again’see Electronic Arts, Kratos in Mortal Kombat 9, the 5 PS3 exclusive characters on Street Fighter X Tekken, etc. etc. etc. I hate to use such a clich’d comment but’u mad bro?

Ugh’my head now hurts from all of these comments. I just don’t get the hypocrisy of the typical fanboy. But there was one comment I saw that I really loved from a guy with the screen name Dally. Here it is.

‘Get. Over. Yourselves. Or buy western-developed games on’you know, western systems. Or in this case, umm’wait a month I guess. You will live, I promise.

Couldn’t have said it any better myself, Dally.

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