Cable, Just Kiss It!

When Xbox Live debuted last November, I wrote a commentary about my disdain for the local high speed internet providers and their lazy, "we'll install it when we feel like it" attitude. I was sick of tired of being stuck with a slow dial-up connection, which made Xbox Live, and its broadband-only setup, impossible for me.

My biggest complaint was toward my town's cable provider, Adelphia. Night after night I had to deal with that stupid ad saying their PowerLink service is "coming soon to Leesburg." This was broadcast for over a year, and I gave Adelphia my ultimatum of "provide PowerLink by September or you have lost another customer."

Keeping true to my word, on September 1st, I disconnected my cable service, had a DIRECTV receiver installed, and told Adelphia to go "kiss my arse."

I was then pleased with the change from cable television to satellite; the more channels and the subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket was too good to pass up. But wouldn't you know, not one week after I make the change to satellite, I start getting junk mail from Adelphia wanting me to return to cable"yeah, right.

The junk kept coming, week after week, and almost a month after my switch, comes the first junk mail they send me stating their PowerLink service was FINALLY available in Leesburg. My response was "they had their chance, and they blew it." I had to think of another method to get high-speed, and eventually Xbox Live access. That method was DSL.

In an attempt to keep my current provider, I tried going to them for DSL service. When I did a check on their website for availability, it said that I did qualify and could order DSL. Thus, I placed my order. Not three days after the order is complete, I get a call from said provider, stating they had to cancel my order because my phone company, Verizon, did not offer DSL access from their central office.

What a joke, I thought. Even worse, I was told they wouldn't have it available until December. DECEMBER! As if I didn't need another reason to dislike Verizon aside from those stupid "Can you hear me now" ads. I'm surprised the four-eyed dork in those ads isn't listed on yet. He'd be an instant 100 percent rating.

With DSL out of the picture, I had no choice but to go back with Adelphia, but only for PowerLink, not television cable. Aside from having to run a cable line around the house since my landlord wasn't around to drill a hole for the second cable (the hole for my satellite line couldn't fit a second cable), my cable modem was hooked up without any problem, and even better, Xbox Live is up and running.

However, Live has taken over my entire life since it was installed! Too much time was spent last night kicking some serious butt on both Unreal Championship and MechAssault. Also, just today I got back into Phantasy Star Online after a two year hiatus, and I forgot how good it was. I can simply say that finally making the jump to broadband was well worth it, and I invite anyone who wishes to challenge me, look for the gamertag of GINHardcore. I'm open to Unreal Championship, MechAssault, and PSO, and I'm sure before E3, I will be adding Wolfenstein: Tides of War to that list.

If you want to know why my column is short this week, look no further than Xbox Live.

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