Fresh Look Searches for Gaming Treasures From His Youth

As you all may have read recently in some of my previous columns, I got my old Xbox 360 console working again after some minor repairs and a heavy dusting. Since then, I have gone on an Indiana Jones-type crusade to find and play really eclectic games that I enjoyed back when I was younger. I have managed some success already because I was able to track down Ninety-Nine Nights. I was overjoyed when I was able to pop that one into the drive and play for quite a few hours.

However, that success has made me eager to find more. To assist on my crusade, I’ve made a list of the top artifact games that I really want to uncover.  In no real order, my current list of titles I am hunting for include:


This was a first-person shooter involving mythology, so it sounds like a match made in heaven for me. I don’t remember much about this game from the time I borrowed it at the library as a youngster. But I do remember shooting a griffin with an assault rifle, so yeah, I want to relive that. Legendary is one of those titles that makes me question my sanity. I have talked about it, and I am convinced that none of my friends think Legendary was real. Am I real? What is real? Moving on.

Beetle Adventure Racing

 This is another one I swear exists. This one was from the Nintendo 64 era where developers seemingly had to manufacture specific racing titles for brands or even car types like Lamborghini or Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed. They were of wildly varying quality. Beetle Adventure Racing never took itself too seriously which was why it was fun. I think. I haven’t seen it since I was like eight years old. Even if I had this right now, I couldn’t play it because of it being a Nintendo 64 title and not having that console. But I would find a way.

Resonance Of Fate

Another JRPG from the much-maligned Xbox 360 era, this one is interesting. Like many Tri-Ace games, the combat system was almost incomprehensible. What makes it interesting is the fact it’s a gun-based RPG that has some slight anime feeling to it. I can’t tell you anything about the story, the characters, or the setting. I can tell you that I did take my controller outside and do my best Pat McAfee impersonation after about 20 hours of playing. There is also a remastered version on PlayStation 4 that might have smoothed some of Resonance of Fate’s rough edges out.

Donkey Kong 64/Diddy Kong Racing

I don’t know why, but I want to play Donkey Kong 64. Is there something wrong with me? Of course. Does it explain why I’m wanting to play a sub-par racing game collection for the Nintendo 64? No. In fact, as I was writing this, I found out that I remembered Diddy Kong Racing. That title would be great to play again. In all seriousness, I feel that Diddy Kong Racing is underappreciated given its quality.

Ninety-Nine Nights II

I mentioned the original title previously, but I have not had any luck finding the sequel. Go figure that finding the sequel to an obscure game is an even more difficult task. I remember the developers went a slightly different way than with the original Ninety-Nine Nights, but I just don’t remember how. This is the title that I have actually most looked for in used game stores and had almost zero success. Maybe, when I’m recovered from my foot surgery and can actually walk under my own power, I will find it. I pledge to continue this brave quest.

And now, as I finish this column, I plan to boot my 360 back up and continue playing whatever gems I can find. For example, I restarted Enchanted Arms again because there is clearly something wrong with me. At least I have XCOM: Enemy Unknown lined up afterwards, which is always a crowd pleaser. So, my road to recovery from my foot surgery will be enjoyable and nostalgic. Stay cool everybody because it’s hot out there.

And no, before you ask about my last column, I still haven’t faced the last boss of Final Fantasy XIII. I’m not scared. Not really. Well, maybe just a little. But you can’t expect me to fight them with a broken foot, can you?

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