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Four Things You Should Know Before Starting Dishonored 2


Bethesda’s steampunk dystopia, Dishonored 2, launched last week and I’ve been delving into this sequel to the enjoyable original. I am having fun being back in this world and exploring it further. This isn’t a review, it’s just spoiler-free advice because there are several things I wish I’d known before I set out.

Choose Corvo Not Emily

The big premise of Dishonored 2 is that you can play as Corvo, the protagonist from the original or the monarch, Emily Kaldwin. Emily was the character we rescued in the first game, so it was an exciting prospect to play as her, if only because she’s that rarest of things, a female game protagonist.

Rather than splitting the story between the two characters, which would have been much more fun and interesting, the player must choose. The decision comes very early on and it is permanent. You don’t get to play as each character before you choose, which means the choice is blind, especially if you haven’t played the first game. And whoever you choose is your character through to the end of the game.

Crucially, Corvo retains powers from Dishonored from the get go and he has more back story. In contrast, Emily is a blank slate. And Corvo is the only character who can use the time stop skill. Having chosen Emily, I felt cheated when I realised this, as manipulating time was the star of the Dishonored 2 marketing campaign. Plus it’s bloody good fun. Emily has some good skills, but come on, freeze time trumps everything. So choose Corvo for maximum fun from the start.

Focus on Runes

Unless you’re a completist, finding all the bone charms, paintings, diary entries and runes can be a bit of a bind. If you want a fast play through, focus on runes. These open up your skill tree of powers. Bone charms can be useful, but not always. However, runes are always worth your while and don’t forget you can buy some in the black market shops.

Upgrade Emily’s Link Power

If you do play Emily and either like her or can’t be arsed to start again, the best power to upgrade is link. This power allows Emily to target several foes and any action taken against one will have an effect on all.

As you upgrade, you can link more enemies. There’s something satisfying about choking one soldier only to see an entire room crumple to the ground.

Talk to the Locals

It’s easy to keep your head down and run through town, ducking and diving from the guards. However, there are side quests available from a few civilians, so don’t rush past a beckoning person. They may not be out to kill you, but could actually have a quest in exchange for some information.

Come back soon for my full review of Dishonored 2.

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