Raven’s Cry Changes Hands

TopWare Interactive announced at this year’s gamescom in Cologne that the gritty Pirate Action Adventure "Raven’s Cry" has been handed to Polish developer Reality Pump Studios. Well known for the Earth and Two Worlds series, Reality Pump brings a wealth of experience and dedication to the project, which is set for release at the end of the year. The game has been delayed since it was first shown to the media last year, and after analysing the game’s development, TopWare made the tough decision to reorganize the project. The core storyline and dark setting of the game will remain untouched, … Continue reading Raven’s Cry Changes Hands

TopWare Unveils Adult-Themed Pirate Game

Experience a taste of Raven’s Cry now at www.ravenscry-game.com to watch the mature rated teaser trailer and a look into the backstory of Christopher Raven himself. TopWare Interactive and Octane Games will be releasing a game that finally doesn’t paint pirates as the funny and playful ones we have to come to accept in pop-culture, but rather the ruthless and blood thirsty portrayal of historical relevance. With the announcement of the release of TopWare’s next big title, Raven’s Cry, even real pirate fans will be shaking in their buckled boots. This 17th century Caribbean adventure will not be starring a … Continue reading TopWare Unveils Adult-Themed Pirate Game

Earth 2150 is Ahead of its Time

When I saw this game displayed at E3. I knew this was a game where if the demo proved to be as good as the final version, I was going to enjoy this game. And I was not disappointed! The only real problem with this game is that if falls into the flooded ground combat real time strategy genre. Earth 2150 has some unique aspects that may help it rise above the pack, if people start to take notice. Obviously, the game is set in 2150. The Eurasian Dynasty (ED) used their stockpile of nuclear weapons to attack some United … Continue reading Earth 2150 is Ahead of its Time

Odium is all about eye candy

Odium may be defined as hate coupled with disgust, but when it comes to the game Odium, my feelings lacked such passion. In fact, I was left with profound indifference. Following the thoroughly playable Septerra Core, Monolith has released TopWare’s Odium — and some unsuspecting gamers might be duped into buying the new title. It’s 2008 and you play for three NATO military commandos known as Group Two, sent into a hot zone where Group One has disappeared. Obviously, Group One has disappeared or been disabled. But for some reason, Group Two doesn’t exactly come well stocked with ammo, weapons … Continue reading Odium is all about eye candy