Fatal Frame is Fear Squared

A long time ago Steven King produced a movie based on one of his short stories called Maximum Overdrive. Having read the story, I was pretty excited when the movie came out. But what really got me going was that King himself did television commercials to support the project. "I’m going to scare the hell out of you!" King would say. So I went into the theatre expecting a fright. Unfortunately Maximum Overdrive was so bad it was almost comical, and nothing at all like the book. So while some people say beware of Greeks baring gifts like giant wooden … Continue reading Fatal Frame is Fear Squared

Dead or Alive 2 kills

Tecmo’s Dead or Alive was released back in 1996 for both the Sega Saturn and the Sony PlayStation. Being based on Sega’s own Model 2 engine (which was previously used for Daytona USA, Fighting Vipers, and Virtua Fighter 2), it was no surprise that this game looked like its arcade predecessor on the Saturn. However, on the PlayStation, the characters might have looked more rounded, but the backgrounds were extremely flat (partly due to the Saturn using its special VDP2 processor to generate the backdrops). Unfortunately, to see DOA on the Saturn you would have had to own an import … Continue reading Dead or Alive 2 kills