Tom And Jerry Games Add New Content

Tom and Jerry Games, the leader of the highest quality Flash Games websites has just released their new edition of the famous cartoon character games featuring everyone’s favorites Tom and Jerry. A Corporate Official at the Tom and Jerry headquarters has been quoted in saying "We have just set a higher level in the flash games industry with our latest games release." It appears as though a new bar has been set by the designers for high quality graphics and superb sound. Players will certainly feel more at home when browsing their overflowing roster of exciting games designed to cater … Continue reading Tom And Jerry Games Add New Content

Darkstone Comes Up a Bit Short

Any person who has played a lot of fantasy, role-playing games has heard plenty of tired game storylines similar to this one; "The evil Draak has acquired an incredible power and has transformed himself into a dragon and now has plans to destroy the world. You must journey across the lands to find seven ancient magic crystals which will help you defeat the villainous Draak." That is the opening sequence to Take 2 Interactive’s title Darkstone, an action/fantasy role-playing game for the Sony Playstation. Darkstone is part of Take 2’s $9.99 line up of games. Players in Darkstone choose from … Continue reading Darkstone Comes Up a Bit Short