Dead Without Any Rights

Max Payne was the first title that I had the chance to play on my XBox. After the horror that was the watered-down PlayStation 2 version, and not having a powerful enough PC to play the original, I was pleased to see that the XBox was able to handle a decent port of the game that started the action noir genre. Dead to Rights is following up on Max Payne’s success, but after abandoning its PlayStation 2 release, it found a new home on the XBox. Initial experiences turned out to be promising, as the E3 alpha I played had … Continue reading Dead Without Any Rights

Tekken 3 will increase number of PlayStation owners

I want to start this review by saying that I wasn’t really a big fan of the Sony PlayStation. For the two and a half years the system was out, I felt that most of the games that were released were nothing but 3D eye candy. Sure, there were some definite exceptions, but those tended not to be the norm. It was getting to the point that I vowed that I would never buy a PlayStation, and only a miracle would change my mind. That miracle just came true, and it’s name…TEKKEN 3! The Tekken series already has a strong … Continue reading Tekken 3 will increase number of PlayStation owners

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