MicroProse Re-Releases Classic 1992 B-17 Flying Fortress Game on Steam

The classic B-17 Flying Fortress: WWII Bombers in Action is due to land on Steam. This is the real legendary game from 1992. Experience the thrill of commanding a B-17 Flying Fortress on perilous missions during a World War II campaign. Study the briefing, choose your men, fly to the target and take control of crew members’ positions from pilot to bombardier. How well will you fare, captain? Developers: Microprose Platforms: Steam

Carrier Command 2 Sails to Steam

What is the Carrier Command 2 experience? Carrier Command 2 is Strategy, Planning and Teamwork on a scale that is both engaging and manageable. True to MicroProse’s heritage, Carrier Command 2 is all about meaningful decisions. Strategize: Gather intel from your vehicles’ radars, pick your tools of the trade, and launch your attacks where the enemy is weaker. The approach you take to a situation will play a big part in the outcome. Plan: Once you have taken an island you will need to exploit and defend the resources it provides. Ensuring these supply lines remain open will be key … Continue reading Carrier Command 2 Sails to Steam

MicroProse Deploys the High Fleet Strategy Game on Steam

HighFleet, the new action-strategy game mixing combat, exploration, management, and diplomacy from MicroProse is out today on Steam. What is the HighFleet experience? Killer combat At the heart of HighFleet is a unique form of combat in which giant ships bristling with weaponry duel above the desert. This is no mindless button mashing, however. Far from it. Battles are won with skilful manoeuvring, targeting and carefully observing the strategic layer of the battle. Serious strategy Mastering HighFleet requires much more than winning battles. You must explore the exotic lands of Gerat. You must manage your ships, men, fuel and other … Continue reading MicroProse Deploys the High Fleet Strategy Game on Steam

Risk II Globally Dominates

"Risk, the Game of Global Domination?!" Now, I know what you are thinking. "Another board game adaptation?! Jeez, what a novel concept." Yeah, I was thinking the same thing myself when I got this in my inbox. Generally, you expect a classic board game adaptation to fall into one of two categories. Either it’s so completely untrue to the original that you wonder why they named it after the game in the first place, or it’s such a painstaking duplication that you might as well just break out the actual board game. Sure, there have been a few exceptions, and, … Continue reading Risk II Globally Dominates