Zone of the Enders

It seems as if every game that Hideo Kojima develops has a special magic to it. Granted the series known best by him is Metal Gear, but his other titles are worth mentioning as well. I was a big fan of Snatcher when it was released for the Sega CD (which even today can go as high as $100 on eBay), and I helped sign the petition to release Policenauts for either the 3DO or the Saturn back in 1995. His storylines are well known for having powerful moral values, and anyone who is well adapted in Metal Gear Solid … Continue reading Zone of the Enders

Metal Gear Solid packs awesome punch

Who said that all action games had to involve a lead character running through corridors, shooting everyone in sight? Fortunately, a young man named Hideo Kojima changed this idea back in 1987 when he released a simple game to Konami entitled Metal Gear. The concept was unlike any other, as it required smarts and stealth, rather than brute force to complete your objective. MG was released for both the MSX computer in Japan, and on the Nintendo Entertainment System (under Konami’s Ultra Games label) with high success. Then, in 1990, two versions of Metal Gear 2 were released. The MSX … Continue reading Metal Gear Solid packs awesome punch