Be King of the Pirates

I was addicted to the game Tropico for a long while when it first came out, so it was natural that I would get to take a first look at Tropico 2: Pirate Cove when it came out. If you are familiar with Tropico then you will be able to hop into Pirate Cove without much transition. If you are unfamiliar with Tropico, have no fear, just like the first one, the learning curve is not bad at all. By the games very nature, you can learn as you go. Tropico began in 1950 and you were the newly ‘elected’ … Continue reading Be King of the Pirates

Imperialism II is a strategy game Renaissance

Ever want to rule the world? More specifically, ever want to rule a Renaissance-era Europe, and its accompanying New World colonies? Then Imperialism II is the game for you. You start off in charge of one of the reigning European powers in 1500, either in a map of Europe or a random one. You have a certain number of provinces, each which contains one principle city. While you start building up your resource network at home, you also must send out a ship or two in order to explore the vast oceans in search of the New World. While your … Continue reading Imperialism II is a strategy game Renaissance