Train Valley World Reveals Debut Trailer

Train Valley World is a transport simulation game about building and managing efficient railway networks. Players will be able to dispatch trains and deliver goods across the globe to solve intricate logistics puzzles with limited resources. Train Valley World has a planned release date for PC in 2024. Train Valley World will welcome players to the heart of the Industrial Revolution. The newest entry in a beloved management sim franchise evolves the Train Valley experience by adding deeper tycoon mechanics to the staple railway puzzle gameplay formula. Travel across the world to build and manage efficient railroads, create your own … Continue reading Train Valley World Reveals Debut Trailer

Time Loader Transports to Console

Today, META Publishing and Time Loader’s developers, Flazm, have announced the launch of their time-hopping title on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Blast yourself to the nostalgic ‘90s in this cleverly designed puzzle platformer. Maneuver around the chunky wired technology of the past as a homemade RC robot, tasked with a momentous mission: save your creator from a life changing accident. Warp your way back to 1995 and meddle with the timeline responsibly, as everything you do could affect more than just the one who sent you… • Traverse the maze that is the 90s childhood home of … Continue reading Time Loader Transports to Console

Classic 1990s Inspired Puzzle Platformer Time Loader Coming to Consoles

META Publishing and developer Flazm have released the accolades trailer for the physics based puzzle platformer, Time Loader, available now on Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store. Along with releasing the accolades trailer, Flazm and META Publishing have announced that the critically acclaimed game will be launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in 2022, with a planned release on next generation consoles in the future. Console players can look forward to exploring Time Loader’s emotive story, where players take control of a quirky RC robot and manoeuvre their way around craftily designed levels in an effort to … Continue reading Classic 1990s Inspired Puzzle Platformer Time Loader Coming to Consoles