Freelancer is Alpha 1-1

The space flight genre has always been a fascinating one for most PC gamers. It is one area where the PC will probably always be ahead of the console world, at least in terms of massive universe type games that would really be too advanced for most consoles, even the vaulted Xbox probably. Freelancer is yet another entry into this genre, and follows in the tradition of Wing Commander, Privateer and even – going way back – Starflight. Freelancer most resembles the Privateer series – Privateer II will always have a soft spot in my heart – in that you … Continue reading Freelancer is Alpha 1-1

Freelancer Boldly Goes

For fans of the spaceflight genre, freelancer is probably the most anticipated game of the year. The title follows in the tradition of both the Wing Commander and Privateer series, and is more closely related to Privateer. This is a good thing, since Privateer II remains one of my all-time favorite games. What was so good about Privateer II, and what shows promise in the beta of Freelancer, is the completely non-linear nature of the gameplay. You can play a good guy, taking missions that help the police or the military. Or you can become a pirate and lie in … Continue reading Freelancer Boldly Goes

Roberts Finds Redemption with Starlancer

When I heard that Chris Roberts would be leaving Origin to found his own company, Digital Anvil, I had a lot of skepticism about how his Wing Commander series would turn out. As it turns out, it did have its highs and lows. On the high side, Origin released a worthy successor title back in 1997 called Wing Commander: Prophecy which did a good job carrying on the WC tradition even after the Kilrathi’s extermination and Roberts’ departure. Contrasting to the darker side of Digital Anvil, we were exposed, or in my case, tortured to that abomination Wing Commander theatrical … Continue reading Roberts Finds Redemption with Starlancer