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A Dinosaur-sized MMO Thunders Forward in Path of Titans

People pretty much love dinosaurs, which is why a movie series like Jurassic Park has spawned so many sequels. But it’s rare when we get to see life from a dinosaur’s perspective. That is how the new Path of Titans MMO works, with players starting out their dinosaur characters as eggs and growing them into monstrous thunder lizards – if they survive that long.

AI Dungeon Offers Exciting, Unique and Unlimited Text Adventuring Through Steam

The science of artificial intelligence continues to evolve and grow ever smarter. So why not harness that technology and use it for gaming? In AI Dungeon, that’s exactly what the platform does, so expect a completely unique and sometimes wonderful experience playing along with an AI or in creating your own fantastic worlds.

Witchy Life Story Casts Its Amusing Autumnal Spell Just in Time for Halloween

Just in time for the fall season, the cozy and relaxing visual novel/witchcraft simulator Witchy Life Story has arrived on Steam. A young witch has been exiled to a town by her grandmother, and you as the player must help her make the town’s harvest festival a success in order for her to be allowed to continue with her witch’s training.

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