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Relief for the 50’s

Do you have an EverQuest character stuck in the quagmire that is levels 50 – 60? Relief is on the way! I am a long time player of EverQuest, that had moved on to newer games (not because EverQuest is a bad game but I spent four years in Norrath and it was time for a change). I had a few characters in the low 50’s, level wise, and had been struggling with advancing them. I came back to try Lost Dungeons of Norrath to see if this would help the situation and to see what seems to be the … Continue reading Relief for the 50’s

Kung Fu-tastic

Blade and Sword takes the extremely popular top-down Diablo-style gameplay to new levels. And while Blade and Sword will surely remind you of countless other similar titles, it will also become a unique favorite of players who like this type of gaming. This action RPG takes place in ancient China, and is heavy with unique martial arts moves from that country. You can play one of three different characters, each with a different emphasis. One is more stealthy and quick, one is strong and powerful and one is kind of the middle of the road knight-type warrior. Blade and Sword … Continue reading Kung Fu-tastic

Knights Rule

When I was growing up, my friends and I would be the first in line to buy any new games put out by Lucas Arts because we knew they would be a lot of fun. Over the past couple of years, if I was not reviewing the game, I have found myself waiting to see what my fellow reviewers had to say before deciding to go to the store. Playing Knights of the Old Republic reminds me of the good old days when I would be waiting in a long line at the game store. This is the best game … Continue reading Knights Rule

Evil is so Good

When I first heard that the classic Temple of Elemental Evil D&D module was being made into a computer game, I was enthralled. This was a module that took about an entire summer vacation to complete, back in school when a summer vacation meant an entire summer off, and not just a week or two. Starting at first level, our entire group was at least fifth by the time we were done. So of course I was ready to return to Greyhawk and find out if everything was as I remember it from those many years ago. The biggest change … Continue reading Evil is so Good

Lionheart Has Lots of Heart

Depending on your point of view, Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader is either a thinking-man’s Diablo, or an action gamer’s version of Baldur’s Gate. Lionheart is an RPG that places you in Europe in 1588. Historically speaking, many things look as they should in Barcelona, where you spend much of this single-player adventure. Even the Spanish Armada is getting ready to invade England out in the harbor. But the coolest aspect of this RPG is that it is an alternate history setting, so lots of things are different too. The main difference between the Lionheart world of 1588 and the … Continue reading Lionheart Has Lots of Heart

Pirates is Ships and Swordplay

As movie sequels go, Pirates of the Caribbean is not too bad. I played it on the PC and despite little flaws, managed to have a pretty good time. My review will be based solely on my PC experience. However, I want to put up front that the Xbox version of the game is nowhere near as good. It was pretty buggy, with disappearing quests and crashes during FMV sequences. In fact, our Xbox review console broke while playing the game. We won’t blame Pirates for this, but the combination of an old Xbox and a disc-intensive game was apparently … Continue reading Pirates is Ships and Swordplay

PlanetSide is Hardcore Perpetual Action

PlanetSide is a bit unique among massively multiplayer online games. Instead of role-playing a character, the game is all about battle. And on battle, it has plenty. Set on a futuristic world, the plot of the game is that humans from the Terran Republic have set down on a new world bristling with alien technology. They are connected to their empire only by a wormhole. But when the wormhole collapses, the humans begin to fight. One group decides it wants to remain loyal to the republic. One group generally likes the laws of the republic but wants a bit more … Continue reading PlanetSide is Hardcore Perpetual Action

A Strong Force for Fun

The many Star Wars games that have come out over the years have let us play many different people in that universe. We have been Jedi knights, rebel pilots, bounty hunters, planetary biologists, wartime strategists, imperial officers, trade federation droid handlers and just about everything else imaginable. But now LucasArts is letting us be something completely new – ourselves. Well, you can be yourself if you want. Or you can be a Wookiee, Mon Calamari, Bothan, Rodian, Trandoshan, Twi’lek, Zabrak or simply a human completely different than yourself. The point is that the only massively multiplayer game devoted to the … Continue reading A Strong Force for Fun