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Search and Rescue 3 is Decent Fun

You’ve seen them. The evening news broadcast reports on some disaster or accident and moments later, looming in the sky above, hovers a rescue copter with a highly skilled crew ready to render aid. Have you ever wondered what a career as one of these air rescue personal would be like? Well Search and Rescue 3 (SAR3) is the game for you. At the moment SAR3 is the only search and rescue helicopter simulation on the market that I know about. Being in a class of its own doesn’t mean this is a bad game. It’s quite decent. It has … Continue reading Search and Rescue 3 is Decent Fun

NHRA: One for the Winner’s Circle

Racing fans/gamers have experienced just about all of it. We’ve experienced what it’s like to get behind the wheel of an Indy car and reach speeds above 200mph. We know that awesome sense of victory and accomplishment that comes with claiming the checkered flag at the Winston Cup Talladega. We’ve endured the 24-hour Le Mans road courses and braved the dangerous terrains of the Rally car circuits. We’ve crushed lines of 2 ton scrap cars with our massive Monster Trucks. We’ve spun wheels on the back roads of street racing and at times found ourselves in a few high speed … Continue reading NHRA: One for the Winner’s Circle

Getting Some Sim Lovin’

In the not too distant past, I was absolutely addicted to The Sims. In the past year, though, my desire for the game has waned as I have exhausted every conceivable option and action in the game. Then I received the Hot Date expansion pack, and once again I am hooked. This expansion pack is fantastic. There you are. That’s my review, no need to read any further. I am going to write this review assuming everyone reading this has either played or at least seen The Sims. You must live in a cave, if you haven’t done one of … Continue reading Getting Some Sim Lovin’

Sea-Monkeys Ride Again

Remember those ads in the back of comic books flogging the likes of x-ray specs, whoopee cushions to ‘wow your friends at parties,’ the fly-in-an-ice-cube (and other memorable gags) and of course The Amazing Sea-monkeys? Some poor kid bought those sea-monkeys, only to find they weren’t monkeys at all, just tiny shrimp in stasis until they are put in a tank of water and fed. I bet there were tears before bedtime that sad day. To celebrate 50 years (yes, they’ve been going that long) of these aquatic dwellers, Just Play is bringing us The Amazing Virtual Sea-Monkeys, and this … Continue reading Sea-Monkeys Ride Again

Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II

When Nintendo unveiled their Rogue Leader demo at Spaceworld 2000, I was a skeptic. I could not believe how realistic the X-Wings appeared as they flew across the screen. The detail of every paint scratch, every bolt, every R2 unit and every pilot almost resembled what could be seen in a theater 20 years ago. That skepticism came to an end at E3 when I went hands-on. This time, I wasn’t playing the Battle of Yavin as I have before in countless Star Wars titles (X-Wing, Rebel Assault, Star Wars Arcade, and many others), I was actually living it. It … Continue reading Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II

4×4 EVO 2 is evolved off-road racing

Before we crank up this review up, would it be safe to say that I myself, have a tremendous undying love for 4×4 trucks? Most definitely. Would it be logical to say that my undying love for 4×4 trucks may have slightly swayed my GiN gems for this title? That’s a good hypothesis. Knowing these facts some might say that given my slightly biased opinion, wouldn’t it have been more logical to pass this title on to a more unbiased reviewer? I think NOT! Really, when you think about it, my love for trucks would make me highly offended if … Continue reading 4×4 EVO 2 is evolved off-road racing

Flashpoint Explodes Standard War Games

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis is one of the most realistic war simulations I have ever played. At times this can be both wonderful and frustrating at the same time. You start out in the campaign mode as a single infantry soldier. You are confused as to what is happening and so are the rest of the men, as evidenced by the different cut scenes where you and your buddies get to talk. You get to do everything from being part of a massive infantry attack on a town, to running in full retreat when you are obviously overwhelmed, to … Continue reading Flashpoint Explodes Standard War Games

Finally, a Playable Space Combat Game

Do you have trouble, like I do, remembering that you have to hit the ‘up’ arrow to fly down and the ‘down’ arrow to fly up? Do enemy Frigates blast your Space Behemoth from the sky while you are trying to bring your massive weapons systems to bear on their puny hulls? Then perhaps you may find Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Dominion Wars (hereafter called Dominion Wars) to be an enjoyable game. The premise is simple – Deep Space Nine (the Federation’s multicultural space station) is sitting at the entrance to a stable ‘worm hole’ that leads to another … Continue reading Finally, a Playable Space Combat Game

Echelon Attacks Traditional Sims

Although my interest in PC gaming has slowed down to a crawl (most likely because of the lack of monetary surplus compared to the extensive cost of new hardware to meet demand), I still take the time and patience to try out new PC titles that can actually run on my system. Imagine my surprise when Emperor: Battle for Dune, not only ran on my old Athlon 700, but ran well. But still when I go back to PC games, I still think of the one title that got me started in PC titles more than anything else (except maybe … Continue reading Echelon Attacks Traditional Sims

GT3 Could Be the Grandest Racer Ever

Maybe I should take back what I said in my commentary a few months ago, and my initial regrets for the PlayStation 2. Granted when it came out there were very few high quality titles available, save perhaps Madden and SSX. But in the last few months I have noticed the quality of PS2 games improving greatly. ZOE, Red Faction, Starfighter, FIFA 2001, and the MGS Demo (remember Breeden, it’s only a DEMO, there will still be more in the final release!) are just a few of the many great titles coming out, and from what I’ve seen at E3, … Continue reading GT3 Could Be the Grandest Racer Ever