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Congress Urges ESRB Ratings Check

Eight Members of Congress today urged parents and other consumers to check the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rating before purchasing computer or video games this holiday season. Senators Santorum, Kohl, Allen, and Ensign and Representatives Pelosi, Blunt, Hoyer, and Coble asked shoppers to make sure the games they give to young people are age and content-appropriate. "Nearly forty percent of all Americans plan on giving or receiving a computer or video game this holiday season according to a poll conducted by KRC Research for the Entertainment Software Association," said Senator Rick Santorum (R-NC). "I urge parents to be aware … Continue reading Congress Urges ESRB Ratings Check

Rogue Agent Ships

Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS) today announced the release of the latest highly anticipated video game in the James Bond series, GoldenEye: Rogue Agent. Going where no previous Bond game has dared tread, this first-person shooter gives players the chance to explore the dark side of the Bond universe and experience life as a ruthless, unpredictable villain. GoldenEye: Rogue Agent is available on the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox video game system from Microsoft, and the Nintendo GameCube under the EA GAMES brand. "By allowing fans to step into the shoes of the ‘bad guys', GoldenEye: Rogue Agent is … Continue reading Rogue Agent Ships

Robin Hood Invades TotalGaming

Stardock has released the popular PC adventure/strategy game, Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood onto its electronic distribution network. In Robin Hood you take on the role of the title character in an effort to take control of the King's throne. The game received an 8.6 rating on Gamespot and has won universal acclaim in the media and game players alike. The game is a viewed in the third person. Players control each of the legendary characters tactically as they avoid being seen by sentries, fighting battles with their opponents, and building up an army for the eventual battle … Continue reading Robin Hood Invades TotalGaming

Holiday Violent Games List Released

Five leading parent, church and women's groups along with New York City Council Member Eric Gioia today issued a "10 worst violent video game" list in the hopes of alerting unwary parents and grandparents to the blood-soaked and anti-social content of the games that might otherwise be purchased as holiday gifts for children. In a joint statement, the groups also urged retailers to stop selling the inappropriate games directly to children and called on the industry to come up with an improved and more widely promoted game rating system that parents can understand. The five groups — the Interfaith Center … Continue reading Holiday Violent Games List Released

Merchant's Group Reacts to Violent Games List

The Interactive Entertainment Merchants Association (IEMA) was quick to react to the violent computer games list released today. Hal Halpin, president of the association issued the following statement moments after the list was made public. "It is our belief that it is premature to judge the effectiveness of new and not yet fully-implemented industry self-regulation due to the timing of the research in question. The industry’s leading retailers of computer and video games made a substantial and tangible commitment last December (2003) to begin or otherwise re-double their individual and collective efforts in inhibiting the sale of Mature-rated games to … Continue reading Merchant's Group Reacts to Violent Games List

Zoo Tycoon 2 Arrives For Thanksgiving

Microsoft Game Studios today announced that Zoo Tycoon 2 is now available in North American retail stores for $39.99 (U.S.). Zoo Tycoon 2 is certain to captivate players of all ages with its fantastic 3-D zookeeper experience chock-full of interactive animals and beautiful graphics. Additionally, players will find they can continuously expand their zoos with free monthly content downloads from For a limited time this holiday season, Zoo Tycoon 2 will include a bonus interactive DVD that features segments from the National Geographic television series "Totally Wild" and a limited edition pen with hand-painted animals. "Zoo Tycoon 2 is … Continue reading Zoo Tycoon 2 Arrives For Thanksgiving

Incredibles Movie Password Unlocks Game

Have you seen "The Incredibles" yet? If not, it’s time you head to the theaters to catch this blockbuster movie. The hit animated Disney presentation of a Pixar film was the number one movie at the box office for the second weekend in a row last weekend and continues to soar. Millions of movie-goers packed the theaters on its opening weekend (Nov. 5) to see America’s newest family of superheroes save the day! The film has already grossed more than $140 million in its opening week. If you are one of the millions across the country who just can’t get … Continue reading Incredibles Movie Password Unlocks Game

Law And Order Announces Super Sleuths Contest

Legacy Interactive, a leading games publisher bringing television's greatest dramas to life on the PC, announced today the launch of their search for the top "Law & Order" super sleuths contest. In celebration of their new title Law & Order: Justice Is Served, Legacy Interactive is giving "Law & Order" fans the opportunity to answer questions based on the new game and the popular TV drama for a chance to win up to $1000 in cash and collectible "Law & Order" items. "There are thousands of die-hard ‘Law & Order' fans out there who have investigated their way to the … Continue reading Law And Order Announces Super Sleuths Contest

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Ships

Konami Digital Entertainment – America, a division of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., today shipped Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system to retail stores nationwide. The newest installment in the tactical espionage series that defined the stealth genre takes gamers on an all-new action-packed adventure through the jungles of the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War era. Players will assume the role of Snake, a US-sent agent, embarking on a dangerous solo mission to uncover and destroy a newly created weapon of mass destruction. Renowned developer, Hideo Kojima, has created yet … Continue reading Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Ships

Buck Rogers Hits DVD

The sci-fi adventure BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY is coming to DVD! On behalf of Universal Pictures, Special Ops Media is offering review copies of the DVDs, DVDs for giveaway, production stills and DVD specs in support of the releases on November 16th. Blast off with every groundbreaking episode of the action-packed Buck Rogers in the 25th Century! Join legendary intergalactic crime fighters William "Buck" Rogers (Gil Gerard) and Colonel Wilma Deering (Erin Gray) as they lead the crew of the starship Searcher against a galaxy of evil from the past, present and faraway future. This must-own five-disc collection … Continue reading Buck Rogers Hits DVD