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CCP To Hold Benefit For Typhoon Victims

CCP Games want to draw your attention to today’s announcement that they will be holding a 12-hour "telethon" during our "PLEX for Good" drive to raise money for typhoon relief in the Phillipines. This will be a truly special event for an important cause, drawing the heartwarming goodwill of the EVE Online player community and the determination of some Icelandic game developers to put in-game currency and items to use for some real-world good in a very unique way. We have already raised over $43,000 USD and are hoping for much more from the very generous EVE community in this … Continue reading CCP To Hold Benefit For Typhoon Victims

Axis Game Factory Launches Creation Toolkit

After a year of development, veteran game developers from Axis Game Factory, LLC have just launched their rapid level creation toolset, AGFPRO 1.0 and AGFPRO 1.0 Premium on Steam. This comprehensive toolsets is designed to provide game developers and enthusiasts alike with a powerful and rapid level creation, terrain and vegetation editing, lighting and atmosphere system that puts the power to create in anyone’s hands. After launching the product in late September in the Unity Asset Store and on their own website, Axis Game Factory took their product to the Steam Community to try their hand at the "Greenlight" process. … Continue reading Axis Game Factory Launches Creation Toolkit

New WoW Mount And Pet Help Make-A-Wish

A new World of Warcraft mount and pet are now available for purchase through the Shop! Brighten up Azeroth’s skies with the new Enchanted Fey Dragon mount, and help grant wishes with the Alterac Brew Pup pet’50% of the Pup’s $10 purchase price goes to Make-A-Wish. New World of Warcraft Mount: Enchanted Fey Dragon Make an exotic and stylish statement whenever and wherever you fly with the Enchanted Fey Dragon mount. This mysterious and magical creature lives for excitement and has a zeal for adventure. True to its characteristic flair, the Enchanted Fey Dragon shifts its skin color on … Continue reading New WoW Mount And Pet Help Make-A-Wish

Dragon’s Call Launches New Server

Lekool Inc., announces the launch fourth Server for its popular MMORPG game Dragons Call 2. DC II is a side-scrolling turn-based MMORPG. Dragon’s Call II, a sequel to the original Dragon’s Call. Dragon’s Call II, Server 4 "Dragons Revenge" opens on November 21, 2013 at 7:00 PM PST. Dragon’s Call II, The game features a unique leveling system, diverse combat modes, faction wars, guild events, Instances and all new pet system. The game introduces a brand-new leveling system which will make it easier to level player controlled characters and certainly add much more fun to the process. In the game, … Continue reading Dragon’s Call Launches New Server

GiN Searching For iOS Reviewers

Game Industry News is looking for iOS reviewers to provide short, honest reviews for iPad and iPhone apps. What’s in it for you? Free apps for your iPad or iPhone. Personal bylines with archived reviews you can always link to for a digital clip file. The opportunity to be read by 120,000 monthly readers. Fun participation in the GiN Lounge podcast. What’s not in it for you? Monetary compensation. If you think you’ve got what it takes to join the GiN team, please email Neal Sayatovich (nsayatovich at gmail dot com) with your name, address, and a 300-word writing sample … Continue reading GiN Searching For iOS Reviewers

New Skullcandy Headset Protects Your Braaaains

Skullcandy, Inc., a high-growth, performance lifestyle audio brand, and its division Astro Gaming, creators of premium video gaming equipment for professional gamers, announced an exciting new relationship with Plants vs. Zombies creator PopCap Games. As part of the agreement, Skullcandy and Astro Gaming will develop several new products including branded headsets, earbuds and speaker tags in support of the latest releases in the popular Plants vs. Zombies franchise, including Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time and Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare. "Skullcandy and Astro Gaming understand that gamers play an unending variety of games, in every imaginable location, across … Continue reading New Skullcandy Headset Protects Your Braaaains

Lords Of The Waterdeep Now Available

Playdek, a leading mobile video games publisher, and Wizards of the Coast , a subsidiary of Hasbro, and leader in entertaining the lifestyle gamer, recently announced the release of the highly-anticipated Lords of Waterdeep on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Available on the App Store (on Nov. 21), Lords of Waterdeep is a stunning digital adaptation of the award-winning Dungeons & Dragons strategic board game. In Lords of Waterdeep, two to five players assume the role of masked Lords controlling the intriguing city of Waterdeep, one of the most beautiful yet dangerous port cities in the Forgotten Realms. The Lords’ … Continue reading Lords Of The Waterdeep Now Available

Jehoon Training Site Now In Ragnarok 2

WarpPortal is proud to announce their latest update to Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second, titled Grand Master Jehoon Training Site. This update will introduce Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) style Player vs Player Combat to the already extensive gameplay. The Grand Master Jehoon Training Site is a new Group PvP update for Ragnarok 2. Players will party with friends, while hunting monsters and/or defending from attacks in the Training Site. The goal is to destroy the opposing group’s Statues before they destroy yours. In addition to Grand Master Jehoon Training Site, this update also included a new dungeon … Continue reading Jehoon Training Site Now In Ragnarok 2

Glory Of The Gods First Server Opening

Lekool Games announces the launch of a new game Glory Of Gods, a browser-based 2D MMORPG featuring stunning graphics and featuring a class system. Glory Of Gods, First server will be launched on November 21, 2013 at 7:00 PM PST. Set in a Medieval Fantasy World, where players battle monsters, explore dungeons and kill power NPCs the game features 4 class system, namely, Warriors, Rogue, Mage and Priest. the game features all the traditional elements of RPG games, like learning skills, killing monsters, raise pets, equip yourself with mounts, gear, and equipment. Developers: Lekool Games Platforms: PC

Path Of Exile Making Its Way To Asia

Following the successful release of their popular action RPG Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games today announced that they have partnered with leading Southeast Asian publisher Garena Online to bring Path of Exile to gamers in Asia. Closed Beta is set to begin on November 14, 2013. Garena Online is publishing Path of Exile in Asia, to give players a better gaming experience, beginning with a separate realm for the Malaysia and Singapore regions. This partnership is expected to expose millions of new gamers to Path of Exile while providing a version appropriate to the cultures and languages of these … Continue reading Path Of Exile Making Its Way To Asia