Space Invaders Extreme Lands on Steam

In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Space Invaders franchise, Space Invaders Extreme is available now on Steam! The critically acclaimed update to the Space Invaders franchise is here to invade Steam. Learn the intricacies of the scoring system and use that knowledge to conquer the leaderboards. The invaders have evolved. Can you keep up? • Greatly improved graphics and audio • Interactive sound and synchronous visuals • Brand new World Ranking System • 16 stages brimming with devious invader attack patterns and bosses whose strategy adapts according to game difficulty • Practice individual stages then go up against … Continue reading Space Invaders Extreme Lands on Steam

Slitherine Says Empires Apart Almost Ready for Launch

Empires Apart captures the spirit of classics RTS like Age of Empires, with a strong skirmish and multiplayer component. Devolper DESTINYbit crafted this game using Unreal Engine involving hundreds of AoE players around the world all the way through the development process. Byzantines, Arabs, French, Chinese, Aztecs and Mongols: with six all different nations you can choose to lead from the first settlement to full conquest, Empires Apart is an unique wargaming experience. You can enjoy a game versus the optimized IA or fight with seven other players in fast matches. Empires Apart will be soon available on Steam. Slitherine … Continue reading Slitherine Says Empires Apart Almost Ready for Launch

SpellForce 3 Releases Modding Tools

The critically acclaimed RTS/RPG SpellForce 3 gets a new, powerful map editor today. Players can not only create maps with the same tools as the development team, they can also use an extensive scripting tool to create their very own missions and custom maps, with unique rule-sets. You want to set up a MOBA-kind-of-map, where you only command heroes, while automated armies fight each other? Or do you prefer a Horde mode, fighting ever stronger waves of enemies? This is the first step of the modding implementation for SpellForce 3. The map- and scripting editor will come with a detailed … Continue reading SpellForce 3 Releases Modding Tools

Black Forest Games Making Fade to Silence Easier

Black Forest Games has listened closely to the feedback and discussions of the community (and will of course continue to do so); they decided to address the difficulty of the game. With today‘s “Hope“ update – the first of the four announced major updates – the developers not only added a big overhaul to the weather effects, but also the first part of their so-called “catch-up mechanism“. The catch-up mechanism is a system which allows players to collect special shards that increase their abilities, even after you have lost all six lives and have to start over. Publishers: THQ Nordic … Continue reading Black Forest Games Making Fade to Silence Easier

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