Reboot is a very enjoyable game, whether you’re a fan of the television series or not. For those who have not seen the show, it’s about a group of people who live inside a computer and have to protect the mainframe from intrusions like viruses and people playing games. The main character is the guardian of the mainframe, Bob. In the PlayStation version of the game, Bob moves effortlessly aboard his Zipboard, trying to rid the mainframe of tears that sap it of its energy. Control is accurate as you get the hang of the physics of the zipboard, sort … Continue reading ReBoot

Tekken 3 will increase number of PlayStation owners

I want to start this review by saying that I wasn’t really a big fan of the Sony PlayStation. For the two and a half years the system was out, I felt that most of the games that were released were nothing but 3D eye candy. Sure, there were some definite exceptions, but those tended not to be the norm. It was getting to the point that I vowed that I would never buy a PlayStation, and only a miracle would change my mind. That miracle just came true, and it’s name…TEKKEN 3! The Tekken series already has a strong … Continue reading Tekken 3 will increase number of PlayStation owners

Run and Gun with Electronic Art’s Need For Speed III

We can usually expect a good game from Electronic Arts, and Need for Speed III is on the right track. Compared to other racing games-Need for Speed 1,2, and Ridge Racer, this is by far the best example of a really fun car racing package. The graphics and flexibility in this game are what make it so entertaining and it delivers heart racing action. In our test kitchens, we examined the handling, excitement and options of this game, and it came up a winner. The handling of the cars is great, much improved over the sluggish handling of earlier versions. … Continue reading Run and Gun with Electronic Art’s Need For Speed III

Need for Speed 3 is hotly perusing the number one race spot

Last week I reviewed Sony’s racing masterpiece Gran Turismo and considered it to be the finest racing game ever made. This week, I took a glimpse at GT’s closest PlayStation competition, Electronic Art’s Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit. At first, I thought that it would be a disappointing sequel just like Need for Speed 2 was, and fortunately for me, I was dead wrong. This might not be as deep a racing experience that Gran Turismo was, but it sure is a lot of fun to play. Once again, Need for Speed 3 provides a wide assortment of supercars … Continue reading Need for Speed 3 is hotly perusing the number one race spot

NHL Breakaway ’98 scores for Nintendo 64 gamers

Now that the Winter Olympic games in Nagano, Japan are finally over, the NHL can resume again. That means that we will be hearing more and more about how great Dominic Hasek is, just because he led his Czech Republic team to Olympic gold. So far this season, we have seen the king of hockey simulators, EA Sports’ NHL 98, shine on the PC and on the PlayStation. Up until now, the Nintendo 64 had to make due with the sub-par Gretzky trilogy (Gretzky 3D, Gretzky 3D ’98, and Nagano Hockey 98), which basically is just the same game in … Continue reading NHL Breakaway ’98 scores for Nintendo 64 gamers

Konami’s NBA In The Zone ’98 fouls out

I would like to know just what is wrong with Konami these days. I remember how it used to be about ten years ago, when their name was synonymous with quality. After all, who can forget their innovative NES series such as Contra, Castlevania, and Gradius. This tradition of greatness went on during the era of SNES and Genesis, with 16-bit releases of their classic series. That, like many other legacies, are destined to change. When Konami started creating games for the PlayStation, they suddenly obtained this new desire to make nothing but sports games. Sure there were some good … Continue reading Konami’s NBA In The Zone ’98 fouls out

FIFA 98: It’s a kick to play, but no goal scorer

EA Sports’ FIFA International Soccer ( series has had its share of ups and downs. Starting off as a fairly decent Genesis cart in 1993, the series reached its peak when it was released on the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer. It was this game, in fact, that was responsible for the 3DO receiving a following as a mildly successful gaming system. The next year’s version for the Sega Saturn and the Sony PlayStation also faired very well. But then came the ’97 lineup. It was this version that made gamers wonder what went wrong. The gameplay was very sloppy, and the … Continue reading FIFA 98: It’s a kick to play, but no goal scorer

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