WildSnake Invades Again


WildSnake Software (www.wildsnake.com) has announced that their sequel to the award winning Invasion Pinball has "Gone Gold" and is ready for purchase from their site. The Earth is being invaded again, and you, pinball master, are all that stands between freedom and annihilation! With many brand new twists on the classic theme, the question still remains: Can you play pinball when the targets are moving and firing back at you?

INVASION 2 makes some huge leaps forward in creating a fast paced pinball extravaganza. Two more flippers have been added for new control over the arena and each round starts with multiple balls to additionally speed up game play. With 5 episodes and over 100 new levels, INVASION 2 provides a new experience for returning fans and newcomers alike.

Like the previous version, the new game provides 3 levels of difficulty and many new bosses to battle, along with the typical endless horde of aliens that descend on Earth. Battle with your paddles but watch out, take too much damage and you'll be fighting with half a flipper! Collect ball power-ups and earn bonus points for speed in the fastest paced pinball game in history! When you're done, upload your scores online and try to make it into the INVASION 2 Hall of Fame! This super-realistic pinball physics engine will give fast paced arcade action a new name, and that name is INVASION 2!

As with all WildSnake products, INVASION 2 comes with a free demo download. Enjoy 15 full levels of the game before you commit hours of your free time to this sequel to a timeless classic.

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