SWAT Team Surround House After CoD Hoax Call

Peeved CoD hoaxer plays dangerous game
Peeved CoD hoaxer plays dangerous game

An armed SWAT team, police helicopters and dogs surrounded the Long Island home of a Call of Duty (CoD) player, Rafael Castillo. A hoax call to the emergency services claimed Castillo had just killed his mother and could go on a rampage

According to The New York Post, Castillo was inside his house with headphones on, still playing the game and unaware that a fully armed team of police had surrounded his home.  The emergency call was a prank call from a disgruntled gamer, who had just been defeated by Castillo and wanted revenge.

Apparently, it’s part of a growing trend for a game called ‘Swatting’, which sees players call police to a fake crime scene.

The police report that they are trying to trace the hoaxer using “his electronic footprints”.



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