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Wellwater is the simplest of games. The only objective of this one is to see how fast you can raise a bucket out of a well, while being distracted by bees and dogs. While a bee or a dog is on the screen you cannot raise the bucket, so you must tap the animal to make it disappear.

This is just another completely mindless game that allows you to play while asking for very little brainpower. One thing I do enjoy about Wellwater is the in-game sounds, which notify you when a dog or bee has entered your screen.

Wellwater is produced and sold by George Leonidze who has developed several other apps and has even come out with a sister game to Wellwater titled “Wellwater Alien.” Most of his games are pretty neat, but we think he might have missed the ball a bit on this one.

Wellwater might be a simple game, but in this case, perhaps too much to hold a lot of water.
Wellwater might be a simple game, but in this case, perhaps too much to hold a lot of water.

If you are playing on an iOS device you can connect this game to the Game Center to post scores and challenge friends. However, there are not many opportunities to challenge your friends with this game in person.

An area in which I feel this game could be greatly improved would be to make available upgrades that would allow you to raise the bucket faster. I found that after only playing a few rounds of this game, it became quite monotonous.

One thing that did confuse me too is that the objective of it is to raise the bucket out of the depths of the well, but you swipe down to bring the bucket to the surface. This made me question the amount of thought that went into the creation of this app, though I suppose it could be a counterweight type feature, though that may be over thinking things.

My “pros” for this app are that it’s extremely easy to pick up and play and that it is a good time waster, something that Billy White might like to review for his column. My “cons” however definitely outweigh the good, namely that after about 10 to 15 minutes of initial play, the game is complete. While you may still increase in level, no more new challenges are placed in front of you. It’s just you, the dog and the bee.

Wellwater may be a good game to download and play once if you’re looking for a quick time killer, but I wouldn’t recommend it to a gamer who wants a title that they can play many times and still have an engaging and fun experience. Based on that, Wellwater only scrapes together 1 GiN Gem, and that from the bottom of the bucket.


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