Making History: The Calm And The Storm Is Free For Schools


Muzzy Lane Software is pleased to announce that its award-winning multiplayer grand strategy game "Making History: The Calm and the Storm" is now available free of charge to schools. The game, which places the student in the role of national leader in the era surrounding WWII, has been used in hundreds of high schools and colleges around the world. The game was so immersive and entertaining that a consumer version of it was released, selling tens of thousands to strategy game fans.

"’The Calm and the Storm’ was the first Making History game produced by Muzzy Lane," says Muzzy Lane’s President Dave McCool, "It was one of the milestone products that showed the effectiveness of using games to teach. This was the game that established Muzzy Lane as a leader in the field of serious games, and we thought what better way to show our appreciation than to offer it to teachers at no cost." The game offers a chance for students to make their own choices and deal with the consequences of events in the 1930’s-1940’s. In addition to the game itself, teachers have access to a vast amount of support materials, including instructor guides, handouts, assessment questions, and maps. These are all available to be downloaded free of charge at

Muzzy Lane Software, founded in 2002, has developed numerous games for both the education and consumer markets. These include Practice Marketing, the first in a series of games with esteemed textbook publisher McGraw-Hill, MIDDWorld Online, a language learning game with Middlebury Interactive Languages, Past/Present, a social history game for middle schoolers with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and QuitIt, a smoking cessation game with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Muzzy Lane has also continued developing the Making History series, and recently announced they are in development on a World War One era game entitled Making History: The Great War.

To obtain licensed copies of Making History: The Calm and the Storm for your school, email:


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