Intriguing Online Lottery Winnings


Since the advent of online lottery, people from all over the world are enjoying their favorite pastime from the comfort of their homes. More so that lotteries which seem distant to some players are now available at the click of a button.

The practice of choosing random lotto numbers and buying tickets online has quickly turned into habit as people are becoming comfortable with online payment methods. Due to this, we have been able to choose some of the greatest online lottery winnings with a fun background story to hold your attention until the next draw.

Iraqi Citizen Wins $6.4 Million Playing Oregon Megabucks

Starting off with quite an international story, this Iraqi lottery player has found their luck in the state of Oregon. Due to stringent regulations, the identity has remained secret while the site which had been used to buy the ticket solely published a photo and a short text revealing the initials M. M. and ultimately identifying the person as male.

Even though he didn’t get to enjoy the glory of being a famous lottery winner, you can surely take him as an example of the international nature of US lotteries.

Jenn Burston Wins Nearly $4 Million Playing The Lotto Quadruple Rollover

Ms. Jenn from Exeter has certainly been through greater public exposure than the previous online lottery winner. This mother of two young children had been largely unsuspecting of her winnings as she decided to check the numbers right after the Wednesday night drawing.

Seeing that she had guessed five out of six regular numbers as well as the bonus ball, she didn’t get too excited about the prize, but still decided to show this to her husband. Shortly after, they noticed that the Lotto rollover had increased the 2nd prize to nearly $4 million (£3 million). This realization, as she later claims, has left her awake throughout the night and didn’t sink in even when confirmation came via email from the lottery officials.

Still, since their identity is known, they have been able to share their plans with the public, as Jenn is hoping for a bigger family house and perhaps a holiday.

Edwina & David Nylan Almost Win $45 Million Playing On Their Online Lotto App

The couple from Leicester which have been married for nearly a decade now suffered a severe blow to their spirits as their online lotto app failed to process a payment. Namely, according to Edwina, her husband had a separate random number generator app on his phone which gave them just the right combination. However, when she tried to buy a ticket with these numbers, her app informed her that she had insufficient funds. Later on, she claims to have refunded her account and completed the purchase, even though UK Lottery officials claim that their records show several attempts to buy the ticket which failed since they only had 60p on their account.

A court trial will determine the final outcome as Edwina refuses to give in – she had the winning numbers, just not on an actual ticket!

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