Astro A50 Battlefield 4 Edition


Astro Gaming, a division of Skullcandy, Inc., and creators of premium video gaming equipment for professional gamers, today announced the launch of the Astro Gaming A50 Battlefield 4 Edition Wireless Gaming Headset for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. The Astro Gaming A50 Battlefield 4 Edition represents Astro Gaming’s first officially licensed Microsoft gaming headset and will feature a new custom color as well as graphics inspired by the highly anticipated Battlefield 4; audio profiles developed by Dice to deliver the game’s award-winning audio exactly as the studio intended; and, a set of exclusive, in-game Astro Gaming Dog Tags for Xbox 360 players. The Astro Gaming A50 Battlefield 4 Edition is now available at select retail stores nationwide and at Battlefield 4 will be available on October 29 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC; November 12 for the PlayStation 4 and on November 19 for the Xbox One.

"Dice’s Battlefield 4 is one of the few games today that mixes an incredibly diverse variety of highly immersive and critically important in-game sound effects and audio cues with the need for crystal clear voice communication. Battlefield 4’s need for spatial audio clarity is also second to none, hearing the People’s Liberation Army soldiers before they come around a corner, an incoming airstrike before it hits or the heavy armor before it crests a hill is paramount to success in Battlefield 4," said Aron Drayer, Director of Marketing for Astro Gaming. "Our new Astro Gaming A50 Battlefield 4 Edition was designed from the ground up to handle everything Battlefield 4 can throw at you — from cutting edge KleerNet wireless to Dolby Surround Sound 5.1 to Game-to-Voice audio balance controls to custom EQ modes designed by Dice."

Astro Gaming A50 Battlefield 4 Edition is Astro Gaming’s most technologically advanced product to date and innovates with a number of features, including: cutting-edge KleerNet 5.8GHz wireless technology dramatically increasing clarity and operating range; Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound for increased spatial accuracy and definition; embedded ASTRO MixAmp 5.8 the audio engine that seamlessly blends voice and game sounds; a long-lasting lithium-ion battery system rechargeable via USB; a uni-directional mic with flip-up mute; and, a discrete wireless transmitter that fits snugly within a stylish stand for easy recharging and display.


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