Pathfinder Tales Now Available


Tor Books and Paizo Inc. are proud to present the first part of Patfinder Tales: An Adventure, featuring four of Tor’s celebrated authors: Elizabeth Bear, James L. Cambias, Max Gladstone, and Brian Staveley. This teaser is the first part of an epic quest undertaken by a group of authors to explore the world of Pathfinder.

Follow the adventures of our brave heroes in their search for love, treasure, and glory. Join Reiko the Ninja, Kyra the Cleric, Lirianne the Gunslinger, and Amiri the “Bard”barian as they explore the world of Golarion with plot twists galore.

And if you loved the video, check out the Pathfinder Tales novels. The books explore all of Golarion, from gothic Ustalav and devil-ruled Cheliax to the terror-filled waters of the Inner Sea. Each Pathfinder Tale is a standalone story and each features diverse and powerful characters.

The full video is available on and stay tuned for the next installment coming in mid-January.

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