Video Game Tuesday: Efficient MMO Play

Michael Blaker
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This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m covering Efficient MMO Play!

Know what you want to play: Before even starting a game, read up on all the different playstyles and classes available to play as. Do you want to play as a Tank, where you take damage while others take down the enemies you are distracting? Read up on how to do so prior to even playing the game. You might find out you don’t really want to do that after all. Maybe you want to be a ranged physical damage dealer instead of a spellcaster? Read up on the differences. Before I even start playing a game like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV I read up on what I to possibly play as. I knew before even playing the Final Fantasy that I’d want to be a Ninja, so I started off as a Pugilist so I could level it up so I could play as a Ninja as quickly as possible. Is it a round about way of playing? Possibly, but I was able to hit level 15 with my Pugilist, the required level for unlocking the Ninja, on my first day as well as get the Rogue class unlocked and leveled to level 9.

Be Efficient!: Gather up all the quests in a given area before even doing one of them, most areas have a quest area that you can pick up all the quests in. Don’t just pick and choose which ones you want to do, you are going to need to do them all if you want to level quickly. You might as well get them all at once and see if you can finish them all prior to turning them.

Know the way to Endgame: Do you need to finish certain questlines while you are leveling up to be able to participate in Endgame content? In Final Fantasy you need to finish the first act of the Main Storyline quests before even stepping foot in any high end dungeons or pvp areas. Why waste extra time in having to go back and do it at level 50, when you can do it as you level up to 50. Some of my friends just ended up grinding monsters or doing every FATE (think public event from Destiny, but 500 times better) they came across. When they hit 50, they were so far behind in the main storyline that it took them even longer to start unlocking raids and other end game content. I on the other hand only did FATEs when I needed an extra bit of experience or I needed the items from them to get the chocobo unlocked. I was able to finish the main storyline’s first act in a week while I was leveling up to 50, instead of wasting a month trying to catch up on it later on.

Do Gathering Professions!: In World of Warcraft, gathering professions are easy to level up while you level up your character and provide a steady amount of money via the player run economy. Take advantage of this to earn yourself plenty of money so you can get better gear or whatever you want later on! Final Fantasy is different in that each Gathering professions is it’s own actual class instead of just a side skill. I wouldn’t do gathering professions in FinalFantasy until you reach End Game, as it’s highly inefficient.

Buy Nothing and Sell Everything!: You can buy absolute essentials, like Ghysal Greens to summon your chocobo in Final Fantasy, but don’t buy any upgrades to armor or gear while you level up. You are trying to save money up, instead of wasting it on some shiny piece of equipment that is worthless at the level cap. Did you find some really rare item while leveling up? Sell it, don’t use it for yourself if it’s worthless at endgame.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday. See you all next week!


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