TNT: Overlord Volume 02 by Maruyama Kugane

Michael Blaker
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This week for Tranlsation Necessary Thursday I’m covering the second volume of a series I covered a while ago. It’s Overlord Volume 02 by Maruyama Kugane!

Plot Synopsis: Having saved Carne Village and established his reputation as a Hero, Ainz decides to head to the nearest City to become an adventurer and raise his reputation that way. Of course he’s followed by one of his servants, the Battle Maid Narberal Gamma, and is disguised as to not frighten the citizens. What will his plans in this city mean for the Great Tomb of Nazarick?

Plot: I really do enjoy this volume as it establishes Ainz and all of the NPC’s turned real beings actual power against the rest of this new world they’ve found themselves in. I won’t say anymore, because it’ll spoil it, but it’s quite a good volume.

Characters: Ainz is probably my favorite character in this volume, although Demiurge and Albedo are up there. Hamusuke is just interesting.

Artwork: The artwork is good, though I only had poor scans, so I couldn’t really enjoy it. Oh well, I’ll be interested to see what they do for the Anime.

Overall: This is a worthy sequel volume and further builds upon the world. Well worth the read.

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