TNT: Copyrights and China

Michael Blaker
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This week for Translation Necessary Thursday I’m taking a quick look at something that might confuse others. It’s all about Copyrights and China!

Copyrights in China: China has no Copyright laws, and so people are free to copy things from IPs that they like freely. It leads to interesting references or blatant copyright infringement in works I’ve read, which I find hilarious and great.

Why is it funny to me?: Because I consider copying someone else’s work as the highest form of flattery and respect. If you are going to steal an idea, you might as well do it from the best. You’ll find some really interesting references in some works like Terror Infinity and Douluo Dalu if you pay attention. If you aren’t blind you’ll immediately notice a certain character in Half-Prince that shows up in the later volumes.

Is this really a bad thing?: Honestly I personally don’t find it to be a bad thing, but others will of course disagree with me. Things like the TPP law that is trying to be passed right now annoy the hell out of me, because they will ruin perfectly good stories like Douluo Dalu in the future.

That’s it for this week’s Translation Necessary Thursday!

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