The New 3DS Gets 3D Right

ToddNew3DSoneOk it’s finally happened. The day I never thought would ever come is finally here. You all know my stance on how I feel regarding 3D in television and movies. And to this day I still stand by that.

There is a reason why I’ve been so harsh against the trend towards 3D. I’ve grown up trying out various forms of 3D. When I was a kid, our local Channel 20 used to show movies in 3D, where it was done with the old red and blue style glasses. The 3D movies of the 50s and 80s were very difficult for me to make out, and when you tried to watch them without 3D glasses, the resulting color bleed was too much for me to handle.

Then during the early 90s, I watched a cartoon called Bots Master, which featured a segment they referred to as “Lazer Time.” Yes, this was another form of 3D that used lateral movement of 2D animation cels called the “Pulfrich effect” in an effort to promote 3D. However, I did not have any Pulfrich 3D glasses on hand to give it a try, so I just let it slide.

And now theaters are pushing 3D down our throats. I have only went to a couple films in 3D, partly because theaters would not offer tickets in 2D, most likely as a ploy to get more money from my wallet. Tron Legacy and Thor were two films I tried to watch in 3D, but with the image being much darker, let alone the fact that I couldn’t make the 3D out to begin with, it ended up a distracting experience.

It got so bad that my girlfriend ended up buying me a pair of what are called “2D Glasses” To test them out, we went to see Oz: The Great and Powerful, and though I also experimented with watching the film in 3D, the 2D glasses worked surprisingly well. I was able to see the film the way I wanted to, the image wasn’t dark, and I didn’t suffer any eyestrain. That’s when I started my stance against 3D.

Then the following year, with the release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, I decided I need a larger TV that supported 1080p, and I ended up with a 47” Samsung TV, which was also 3D ready. However, I made the decision not to buy the glasses to watch in 3D, a decision I am backing up to this day.

Also at this time, I tried to give the Nintendo 3DS a try. My first experience with the unit was not good. It was very difficult to see everything in 3D. Even the slightest movement of my head killed the effect. It was there, but I twitch and fidget a lot, so any movement ruined the experience. As a result, I moved on and picked up a PS Vita instead.

But with the new 3DS coming out last week, I decided to give it another try. I heard reports that the new 3DS would allow head tracking so no matter where I look at it, the 3D effect will adjust. So I went to my local store to give it a try with Smash Bros. 3DS.

And wouldn’t you know…IT ACTUALLY WORKED!

Sure there were slight instances where the camera would have to adjust to me after I look away, but the 3D effect on the new 3DS actually worked. For the first time I was able to play a game in 3D and it would truly feel like it’s in 3D, and as a result, the following day it went on sale, I purchased a new 3DS and a digital copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, a game that I have played nonstop since the purchase. I enjoyed MH3 on the Wii U but didn’t really get into it as much, but now this is my second chance to do so. That’s not to mention this is the first DS style console I owned since the DS Lite back in 2008.

So far my impressions with the new 3DS have been very positive. It is quite a competent gaming handheld that is able to make 3D gaming a reality without the headaches that glasses have caused me. Maybe that’s why I hated 3D so much before, having to wear the glasses. But what Nintendo did with the new 3DS that might have fixed it once and for all.

But still Nintendo, I don’t forgive you for not including an AC adapter in the package…

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