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GiN Is Unleashing New Video Reviews

Times are changing. And I think it’s time for me to make a change as well. I’m about to hit my 17th year writing here at GiN, and since starting here the game journalism industry has changed as well.

When I started here, all I did was write reviews of games as I played them. I didn’t expect much from writing here, but over the years, I was invited to larger events, starting with E3 2000, and from there I opened the floodgates, showing off my anger at certain industry elements that got on my bad side, calling out companies who lie about fake PS3/4 exclusives cough Ubisoft cough, and yes, making PR reps cry. I’ll still mark that as my career highlight.

But these last few years, we at GiN evolved. We moved on from the written word to the spoken word. We moved forward to the realm of podcasting, and with doing both the GiN Lounge and Gamer Geeks (which I promise will come back soon, I apologize for the delay,) it was only the beginning for me.

And now, my friends, and of course, my enemies, I now move on to my next venture.
As some of you may know, not only do I write for Game Industry News, but I am also a member of a web entertainment site called Space Monkey Mafia Studios. Since joining them I continued working on podcasts as well as several video projects, and it is there that I decided to combine my work on both sites into one joint venture…moving on to video reviews.

But to do so, I needed to look into a capture device for my Xbox 360. The only device I had for the time being was a Dazzle card but it was only able to capture in S-Video, which is a far cry from the HD that the 360 is known for. Also, the other option I had in mind is the much hated "aim m camcorder at the TV" trick but doing so greatly ruins the video quality. Don’t believe me, check out the last few Hardcore Bowl videos for yourself.

Therefore, I had to look at several capture device options. I looked at products by Elgato, Roxio, Hauppauge, and lastly, AVerMedia. It was the latter’s Live Gamer Portable that caught my eye the most, and after discussing with them to review the LGP, they agreed to send me a review unit. I have spent the last few days giving it a run through, and made my first video review of it. Enjoy, and be prepared for me, as this is only the beginning!

Until my next review, check out the Live Gamer Portable and follow them on Twitter at @AVerMediaGZ

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