Cold War Space Adventure Outreach Gets First Trailer

Gambitious Digital Entertainment has released the first official gameplay trailer for Outreach, the upcoming zero-gravity adventure game from independent developer Pixel Spill. A narrative mystery set near the end of the Cold War, Outreach follows one cosmonaut’s search for the missing crew of a Soviet space station in the frigid reaches of Earth’s orbit. Players must explore the crippled remains of the installation, navigating an abandoned environment filled with historically accurate technology and objects from the 1980s, to discover the fate of its lost souls. Between the claustrophobic spaces of its interior and the unforgiving void outside, players will get … Continue reading Cold War Space Adventure Outreach Gets First Trailer

Transport Fever Set for November Release

Sustainable city planners Urban Games and bulldozing tycoons Gambitious Digital Entertainment are pleased to cut the ribbon on their new transport simulation game, Transport Fever, coming to Windows PC, Mac and Linux on Nov. 8. In Transport Fever, players are the heart of the economy, giving life to cities and shaping their futures by conducting the flow of commerce through elegantly designed networks of transit and shipping by land, sea and air. The game is available for pre-order now, and players who purchase the game before launch will receive a 10% pre-order discount. Additionally, anyone who owns the original Train … Continue reading Transport Fever Set for November Release