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Be King of the Pirates

I was addicted to the game Tropico for a long while when it first came out, so it was natural that I would get to take a first look at Tropico 2: Pirate Cove when it came out. If you are familiar with Tropico then you will be able to hop into Pirate Cove without much transition. If you are unfamiliar with Tropico, have no fear, just like the first one, the learning curve is not bad at all. By the games very nature, you can learn as you go. Tropico began in 1950 and you were the newly ‘elected’ … Continue reading Be King of the Pirates

Lighting up the night

The backlit EluminX keyboard from Auravision is without a doubt the coolest keyboard any gamer can buy. By daylight the keyboard looks like a fairly normal input device. The only real clue as to its special nature is that the keys are clear plastic instead of a solid color. The lettering is black and easy to read. Something really cool happens however when the lights are dimmed. You notice that the keyboard is actually glowing faintly. The glow is there the entire time, but it’s subtle enough that you don’t really notice it in normal lighting conditions. But who plays … Continue reading Lighting up the night

Fast and Furious WWII

Do you enjoy real time action? Do you enjoy World War II simulations? Think you are ready for a Real Time World War II simulation? Then you owe it to yourself to give CDV’s Blitzkrieg a try. The graphics are awesome – but then again graphics should be awesome these days. The detail of the various units is really something to see though. The terrain is also done exceptionally well in Blitzkrieg and helps bring the simulation alive. It is obvious that a good deal of time and research went into the making of this simulation. The game play is … Continue reading Fast and Furious WWII

RHEM Will Puzzle Puzzlers

Those of you who have been waiting for the next great puzzle game to appear, wait no more. RHEM is without a doubt one of the most difficult and challenging games I have ever played. It is a world full of puzzles, and your intellectual noodle will be stretched extremely far while playing. The game is also inexpensive. You can get a copy of it for just about $30, which makes it an excellent deal considering I guarantee you will be working at the puzzles for many, many hours if you have any hope of solving RHEM. It also ships … Continue reading RHEM Will Puzzle Puzzlers

Rising to the Challenge

There is a distinct flavor to most games published by Microsoft, especially in the real-time strategy genre. Not that this is a bad thing. Almost all the games are marked by good quality gameplay and graphics, as the Age of Empires series will attest. Rise of Nations is kind of like an advanced version of Age of Empires. It brings some unique elements to the table that I have personally never before experienced, along with a lot of the old standards that RTS gamers have come to know and love – or hate as the case may be. The first … Continue reading Rising to the Challenge

A Great Vice for the PC

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is my first venture into the Grand Theft Auto world, but it will not be my last. I started playing GTA: Vice City on the Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) at a friend’s house and on my very first session I was hooked. Several of my larger friends had to come and physically remove me from my seat so that they could play. I knew it was coming out for the PC, and a month or so later at E3 I got my first peek at the PC version, and from that moment on, I could … Continue reading A Great Vice for the PC

PlanetSide is Hardcore Perpetual Action

PlanetSide is a bit unique among massively multiplayer online games. Instead of role-playing a character, the game is all about battle. And on battle, it has plenty. Set on a futuristic world, the plot of the game is that humans from the Terran Republic have set down on a new world bristling with alien technology. They are connected to their empire only by a wormhole. But when the wormhole collapses, the humans begin to fight. One group decides it wants to remain loyal to the republic. One group generally likes the laws of the republic but wants a bit more … Continue reading PlanetSide is Hardcore Perpetual Action

A Strong Force for Fun

The many Star Wars games that have come out over the years have let us play many different people in that universe. We have been Jedi knights, rebel pilots, bounty hunters, planetary biologists, wartime strategists, imperial officers, trade federation droid handlers and just about everything else imaginable. But now LucasArts is letting us be something completely new – ourselves. Well, you can be yourself if you want. Or you can be a Wookiee, Mon Calamari, Bothan, Rodian, Trandoshan, Twi’lek, Zabrak or simply a human completely different than yourself. The point is that the only massively multiplayer game devoted to the … Continue reading A Strong Force for Fun

GamePaks Put Fun in the Bag

I travel a lot. Every other week I head back home for a few days, and most of the time I take my Xbox with me. As a result I need to use something to carry my Box around. Originally I used a gym bag to carry it around in addition to my PS2 and at times my Gamecube. Packing three systems in one gym bag, not including software, controllers, DVD remotes, power and video cables, and whatever else I can think of can be a total pain. Lately companies are coming out with dedicated carrying cases that are designed … Continue reading GamePaks Put Fun in the Bag

If It’s Not Scottish, It’s"

Yep! It’s Another real time strategy (RTS) game where you gather the raw materials, make buildings that can manufacture troops, research technologies that allow better buildings to make better troops armor and weapons etc. But this one has a few differences plus a decided "Scottish flavor" to it. The graphics are ok. They are choppy at times, but generally ok for this type of game. The sound is ok as well; nothing to write home about or drive you screaming from the room either. It does have a decent in game tutorial that can get you familiar with the basics … Continue reading If It’s Not Scottish, It’s"

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