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Frantic, Manic, Science Fiction Goodness

Gunsight shows off the humorous side of Borderlands John Shirley’s latest novelĀ Borderlands: Gunsight is a romance of rivals and a comedy of errors, all told by a tale within a tale technique. The center of the action is the tumultuous romantic relationship between Mordecai (a player character in Borderlands 1) and Daphne, a deadly interstellar adventurer. Shirley introduced this pairing in his second Borderlands novel, “Unconquered.” The tone is lighter in this book than inĀ Borderlands: The Fallen. There is a slapstick quality to the action. This follows the game, with its cartoonish perspectives and overkill weapons. The backdrop is still … Continue reading Frantic, Manic, Science Fiction Goodness