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Micro Machines Goes Mobile

Global wireless entertainment publisher iFone Ltd and top development house Daydream Software AB today announce a mobile game version based on MICRO MACHINES, the iconic brand of highly stylized mini vehicles. Mobile phone gamers will now be able to recreate the performance and excitement of MICRO MACHINES vehicles on their mobile phones. Under license from Atari, Inc., and Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE:HAS), the MICRO MACHINES mobile game allows gamers to burn tires in single player races. The games are developed in J2ME and offer players all the fun, excitement and challenging gameplay associated with the previous video game titles based on … Continue reading Micro Machines Goes Mobile

Into The Pixel Art Shown At E3

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3Expo) today announced the artworks to be featured in "Into the Pixel," a juried exhibition of computer and video game art on display at this year’s E3Expo. The sixteen featured pieces were selected from more than 120 submissions by a jury of interactive entertainment industry art veterans and experts from the traditional art field. "Into the Pixel" will run May 13-14 in the Concourse Lobby at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and be accessible to the more than 60,000 interactive entertainment industry executives, designers, developers, animators, journalists and retailers who attend E3Expo. The exhibition is a … Continue reading Into The Pixel Art Shown At E3

Activision Founders Celebrate 20 Years In Development

David Crane and Alan Miller, two of the co-founders of the first independent video game publisher, Activision, are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the founding of the company at E3. Since Activision’s founding in 1979, the independent game publishing industry has flourished to become a multi-billion dollar worldwide business, encompassing hundreds of independent publishers and game development companies. Crane and Miller carry on that tradition of independent game development at Skyworks, where Crane serves as Chief Technical Officer, and Miller as Vice President of Business Development. Skyworks is exhibiting its games in booth #6601 in the Kentia Hall at E3. … Continue reading Activision Founders Celebrate 20 Years In Development

Warhammer Goes Online

Warhammer Online, the upcoming massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) set against the backdrop of Games Workshop's grim and gritty Warhammer fantasy world is being showcased at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Set in a virtual re-creation of the Reikland, players take on the role of mercenaries and outlaws living on the margins of society, who through luck, skill and a trusty blade can rise to become powerful heroes – famous or feared throughout the Empire for their bloody deeds. Events: E3 2004

ER Cast To Star In Game

Legacy Interactive, known for its expertise in developing entertaining TV branded games, announced today that ER cast members Noah Wyle (Dr. John Carter), Sherry Stringfield (Dr. Susan Lewis) and Mekhi Phifer (Dr. Gregory Pratt) will star in the first interactive game based on the Warner Bros. Television series. Shipping this fall for PC/CD-ROM, the ER game is licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Inc. and will be published by Legacy Interactive and distributed by Vivendi Universal Games. "The ER game combines the best of the popular strategy/role-playing genre with the top-rated television franchise ‘ER'," said Ariella Lehrer, CEO of Legacy … Continue reading ER Cast To Star In Game

E3 To Show Off 1000 New Titles

Approximately 1,000 of the nearly 5,000 computer and video game products to be displayed at the 2004 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3Expo) have never been seen before, according to data released today from the E3Expo 2004 Exhibitor Survey by the show’s owner, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). Exhibitors also report that nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of all products at the tenth anniversary show will be in stores in time for the 2004 holiday season. "The interactive entertainment industry and its products have made tremendous advances since the launch of E3Expo ten years ago whether it be technologically, economically, artistically or in … Continue reading E3 To Show Off 1000 New Titles

Midway Gets Shadow Hearts

Sequel to Critically Acclaimed Role-Playing Adventure, Shadow Hearts, Scheduled For Release This Fall Midway Games Inc. (NYSE: MWY, news), a leading interactive entertainment publisher and developer, announced today that Shadow Hearts: Covenant, the sequel to the critically acclaimed, fantasy-style role-playing game (RPG) Shadow Hearts, is scheduled to be published this fall in North America and Europe for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system. With a mix of turn-based strategy and RPG elements, Shadow Hearts: Covenant provides players with an even greater magical quest than its predecessor. Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: Covenant, known as Shadow Hearts 2 in Japan, were … Continue reading Midway Gets Shadow Hearts

Hotspot Makes Presidential Race Game

Hotpot Software today announced the release of President Forever, the latest version of a highly acclaimed presidential election game/simulator for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, available immediately for $12 (USD). With its in-depth and realistic play experience, President Forever lets you master political intrigue and election struggle while taking your candidate all the way to the White House. President Forever builds on the successes of Hotpot Software’s President 2000, the undisputed leader in authentic presidential election game simulations for the 2000 election cycle. The large amount of enthusiastic feedback from players of that version inspired a complete from-the-ground-up remake of the game for … Continue reading Hotspot Makes Presidential Race Game

Postal Goes Linux

POSTAL 2: Share The Pain will be released for Linux through the Linux Game Publishing retail channel in May 2004. "My development guys wanted to finish animating Quentin Tarantino’s sequel to The Passion first," said former alter boy and RWS CEO Vince Desi, "but when I told `em this project was for the Linux community, they left Uma up there swingin’ in the breeze and grabbed hammer and nails and got right to work." Founded in 2001, Linux Game Publishing was formed to help companies bring their games to market, and is partnering with a number of other companies to … Continue reading Postal Goes Linux

LucasArts Gets New President

Jim Ward has been named president of LucasArts, the video game entertainment division of Lucasfilm Ltd., it was announced today by Lucasfilm Chief Operating Officer Micheline Chau. In addition to his new role at LucasArts, Ward will retain his duties as the head of marketing and distribution for Lucasfilm. "Last year, we unified our four operating units into a single company with the goal of better utilizing our diverse talents throughout our businesses," Chau said. "Jim is a perfect example of this. With the growing convergence of film and gaming, he has already been working extensively with LucasArts and now … Continue reading LucasArts Gets New President

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