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Hey there everyone! Modern Gamer is back with a brand new review on a glorious Saturday Morning! Today I had the pleasure of reviewing another Sonic game. This time for the IOS. You can get this one for Android and Google play, plus a few other devices.

So this pandemic is still a problem and making everyone sick. It’s canceled a lot of things. Theaters, eateries, conventions, concerts, anything that’s not essential.  Hey at least the toilet paper hoarding has stopped in some places. It’s unfortunately also canceled the summer Olympics in Tokyo this year. Which I’m not happy about. What I am happy about is that there is a release of Sonic at the Olympics! My favorite videogame character and Olympic sports have come together in an exclusive package to make up for this year’s cancellation.

What I really like about this is that they put the usual plot line of the Sonic franchise on an Olympic backdrop. They all go to Tokyo, expecting to compete in the Olympics (which they do in the demo) and find out that Eggman wants to make the Asusalka Temple his home base for his new Eggman city and take over Tokyo.

This game is really cool, you get to compete in the games as Sonic. The more you win the more characters you can unlock and their unique abilities come along for the ride. The more you win with each character you unlock, the more you can play. You can start with the demo, and work your way up to the pass. There’s an exclusive pass you can get and distribute to five other friends as a gift so you can all play together!

As usual, the team that put this together did a really great job. Some of the controls are kinda hard to manage. ( I only had issues with the dive) But other than that it was a great experience. The sports you get into are the 100 yard dash, diving, rock climbing, shooting and the triple jump.

The races where you’re running are pretty straight forward. You get a chance to power up and then you have constantly press a button to get ahead of the other runners. The shot sport reminds me a lot of the old Duck Hunt game. I half expected a dog to laugh at me when I missed. There’s also the Eggman’s annoying drones that pop outa nowhere. You get extra points if you shoot them down when you’re shooting targets.

You do get to race metal sonic. Which brings me to the graphics side of this game. You can see the metallic sheen off of Metal. I mean he looks like a brand new car almost, even when you play the game. The textures are absolutely beautiful! They put a lot of the effort into this Sonic game. Especially for a mobile title, this is really awesome.

Another great thing is about the ending of the demo. Even though there is no animation, there is an easy to read and follow comic narrative. It’s animated in panels with voice overs. So everything is easy to read if you missed anything in the end. I really like how they designed the panels really.

Great job Sonic Team! They earn 4.5 GiN Gems for this fascinating app, and for providing the only Olympic Games we are likely to get for quite some time.

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