Super Magnets STEM Toy Equals Super Fun

GEOMAG Supercolor Panels

GEOMAG Supercolor Panels are a great STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) based toy set that’s fun for people five-years-old and older. I’m considerably older than five and I enjoyed it a lot. The construction set includes magnetic ball bearings, magnetic rods and plastic panels in various shapes and sizes that allow for a variety of construction options.

The plastic panels shaped as triangles, squares, and pentagons allow for the creation of building like structures with walls between the ball bearings and struts. This set provides many opportunities for understanding the strengths and weaknesses of magnets and easily illustrates concepts like polarity. In addition, the shapes allow for a kinetic understanding of basic geometry. All that learning and fun to boot.

The seventy-eight-piece set is made in Switzerland and the parts show it. The plastic is heavy duty and the parts lock and unlock without feeling like they will break when taken apart. The metal pieces are heavy. Fair warning though, the magnets are strong, not crazy strong like Bucky Balls, but still strong, and need to be kept well away from toddlers or pets that might swallow them.

The good news is the rods and balls come in two cases to keep them together which keeps them from wandering off as toy parts sometimes do.

My only complaint about the set is that I wish that it had more pieces. Seventy-eight pieces doesn’t go as far as it sounds when you’re trying to build something. The good news is that if you have any other GEOMAG magnetic toys, like GEOMAG Mechanics, they all work together and expand your options. But wanting more of something isn’t exactly a complaint.

This is a fun set that anyone who enjoys building toys would be happy to have. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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One thought on “Super Magnets STEM Toy Equals Super Fun”

  1. It should be clarified that the steel spheres, the ‘ball bearings’, are not magnetic. Only the rods contain magnets.
    The steel spheres conduct the magnetism when connected to the rods, but are themselves not magnetic. This is unfortunately a common misconception about Geomag, especially in the USA.

    _Had_ the spheres themselves been magnetic, the product could not carry a 3+ age safety certification. This was the problem/danger that concerned the mentioned Buckyballs and all identical products comprised of small strong spherical magnets.

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