Stealth, Redefined

Transformers: Stealth Edition
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Nintendo 3DS
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Activision beats the Transformers horse a little too much

Games based off of movies have a bad track record of mediocrity. This game is no different. Activision is trying to get as much out of the new Transformers movie as possible.

When I first started playing the game I noticed the near-game boy graphics. Every texture and edge was jagged enough that I bought a pack of band aids to make sure I wouldn’t get cut. After only a half hour my eyes were screaming in pain.

The use of the term "stealth" caused me to roll on the floor laughing. In this game, stealth means your car pops open to reveal a bunch of different guns. Sadly I’d rather have blown dust off my PlayStation and played Vigilante 8. Maybe it’s just me, but whenever I play a transformer game I actually want to fully transform.

Game play was horrific in the fact the controls were confusing and difficult to use. When your in just car mode you spend time driving around collecting energon and, if you are a larger character, ramming the enemies. When in car mode your car drives like an arcade racer, in stealth mode it steers like a tank.

I kept looking for treads on my vehicle due to the haphazard turning scheme. For the most part all you can hope for is a large character so you don’t have to use stealth mode.

During the first set of missions I was racing around to check points to "hack" into the computer system. This was one of many missions that made little to no since. What do checkpoints have to do with hacking into a main frame?

In addition to this large group of flaws, the audio made it nearly unbearable. Optimus and Wheeljack consistently yell at you to get energon after you only shot a few bullets and just collected some energon thirty seconds ago.

Feeling that it couldn’t possibly get any worse. I turned the 3D on and just shook my head. With 3D on you couldn’t a hit a target even if you wanted to. Trying to shoot a decipticon with a bullet was like trying to hit a gnat with a bazooka.

By the time I was done playing, I wanted to disassemble the game and use the spare parts to make a time machine so I could get those few hours of my life back. Even the most devoted transformers fans should steer clear of stealth edition.

This game was an example of a game company trying to squeeze too much out of one movie. This is one title I highly recommend avoiding on the 3DS.


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