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Not all games are going to be that one game that rises above the rest. Some are good and some are great it all depends upon the taste of the player, and of course, some are stinkers.

The game Starry Duo for iOS has it’s ups and downs. In the game, the player takes control of the character, they can choose either a boy or a girl, and move the character around on the screen. The character has a magical staff that glows a certain color and the player has to collect stars that are the same color as the staff.

If a different color star is picked up the player loses health, to gain health the player has to pick up the correct stars or use a spell. To gain the spells the player has to obtain stars until their spell bottle fills up. Spell bottles can also be used to purchase different spells.

Multiple enemies are also out to get you in Starry Duo. From giant moths to creatures called treelings. Hitting the moths takes away from the characters health. Hitting different treelings has different results. One doubles a star size, one halves the size of the star, and another turns a star into a skull that kills instantly.

One of the "evil" bosses, a moth. Yes, we said a moth. Better light a candle?
One of the “evil” bosses, a moth. Yes, we said a moth. Better light a candle?

Each level has different objectives to be completed. From gathering a certain amount of stars to dodging a certain amount of skulls. In starry duo there are also boss battles. One of the bosses is a giant moth.

Starry Duo has simple controls. By just holding on the character and moving him on screen. There are unique staffs to collect stars and multiple upgrades.

Unfortunately, the controls are not as responsive as they could be. Dodging some of the enemies and different colored stars is difficult. Gaining spell bottles takes a while unless you purchase them from the in-App Store.

With about the same amount of cons as pros this game wouldn’t be the first to choose in a sea of games. But if you like a different game that takes place at night, with a magical staff and flying, then you may want to check out Starry Duo.

Starry Duo earns 3 of 5 GiN Gems.


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