Skellboy Drops its Bones into Action RPGs

Reviewed On
Nintendo Switch

Hey all I’m back with another game that was just released for the Nintendo Switch. It’s my Skellboy review!

Plot: The plot is pretty barebones (pun fully intended), and is not helped by the fact that it has some spelling errors in the first opening cutscene. After that cutscene the plot really failed to capture my interest in too many ways. It might be because I’m jaded and have experienced too many stories and thus find mediocrity such a bore, but it could also just be plain bad. Or it could be both.

Gameplay: This plays a bit like an old school Zelda game, though with a much lesser emphasis on puzzles. The ability to change your appearance and abilities by swapping out body parts is unusual, but not totally unique, Megaman comes to mind.

Mostly though it’s just swing a weapon, and don’t get hit by enemies while hitting them because you might only have one hit depending on your body’s current make up. Some will find the checkpoint system incredibly frustrating, as it’s definitely an old school approach that isn’t done much these days. Otherwise this is just your standard action-RPG, that is really light on the RPG elements.

Music: The music is okay, but it’s nothing special either and doesn’t grab your attention like a Final Fantasy or Zelda game’s music would.

Art: The art is decent, and reminds me heavily of Paper Mario but with none of the grace that particular game pulled off. It’s not terrible, but it’s nothing special either.

Overall: Skellboy might be fun for those with a younger kid, or those with a need to play some sort of action-RPG. However those people might be better off playing Breath of the Wild instead, it might cost twice as much even now, but it’s a much more fun game.

For those who like: Action-RPGs, Mixed 2D and 3D Art Styles, Hack and Slash games.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.


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