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Crazy Machines Fun Goes Mobile

Crazy Machines: Golden Gears is finally available for the iPad and iPhone. If you’ve been longing for a whacky physics puzzle game that is more than just flinging birds at blocks, this is the game for you.

Crazy Machines has a long history on personal computers, but recently has entered the smart phone and tablet arena. It’s a good thing too, because these types of games seem perfect for the mobile arena, and we can finally take all the mad scientist type fun anywhere.

Two modes of game play are offered in Golden Gears, Create and Play and Challenge Levels. If you’re new to Crazy Machines, it’s recommended that you play at least the first six levels of the 40 levels of Challenge Play to familiarize yourself with how the contraptions work before trying Create Play where you design your own machines.

The Challenge Levels give you a blueprint objective and then, as creatively as possible, you try and meet the objective. It sounds simple and it is at lower levels, but as the levels progress the machines get increasingly complicated and you really have do some complex problem solving.

In fact, the game rewards ingenuity with additional stars for success. You’re encouraged to only use an item once when you design your machine and the more convoluted your path is the better. The three levels of mastery allow for a lot of replay value as you try to increase the number of stars you receive for each level.

Create and Play allows your inner-inventor to really cut loose. Crazy Machines: Golden Gears offers a stunning array of items to insert into your machine. The objects are as diverse as lasers and bowling balls.

The brand new Level Editor allows you to create challenges for other players, which you can upload to the Golden Gears online community. You can also download other players’ creations to try solving. The online community is another great way that Golden Gears extends replay.

While some items are only available for in-game purchase, there are so many items available with initial purchase that gamers who don’t want to spend money on additional items will still have a wide variety of objects to choose from. On the other hand, if you love a good add-on, you’ll be impressed with the extra items you can choose to purchase.

In short, if you love complex puzzle games with realistic physics, Crazy Machines: Golden Gears is the game for you. Go forth and purchase.

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