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Tekken 6 Moves To The Small Screen

Tekken 6 makes the port to the PSP and the transition proves to be both visually flawless and amazingly well done. A must own for any serious partakers of the fighting genre, this latest sequel does anything but disappoint.

Decked with crisp visuals and stunning cg’s Tekken 6 Portable is absolutely a work of art. This is clearly one of a scarcely rare set of titles for PSP that gives you that "Wow!-They-got-all-that-in-there?" impression.

One-upping a superb graphical presentation is a very strong sound engine which has pretty much been intact since the original game. If you’re a regular to the series, expect once again to be impressed by a very solid collection of music, voice-overs, and sound bytes.

The game ships with the largest line-up of playable characters thus far in the series featuring all your popular old school fighters plus a few new ones including, "Zafina," a talented guardian of a royal families tomb, "Bob," an over-weight former martial arts legend struggling to regain his popularity, "Leo," a son taking action to avenge the death of his mother, "Miguel Rojo," a brother investigating the murder of his sister, and "Jack-6," the latest upgrade of Jack-5 as well as some other new blood. Players will have a long list to choose from as well as a few new martial arts styles to master.

The game play mechanics are done extremely well with this particular version of Tekken as players will find it very easy to transition skills between console and handheld systems.

The controls are very responsive and dead-on taking away that awkwardly frustrating experience that one might often get when playing a fighting game on this type of platform. Consequently, it makes it so much easier for newcomers to pick up the game and grasp the hang of things rather quickly, but vets can immediately dive in and master the controls in little or no time at all helping to make for an even more enjoyable game play experience.

Not only does the port ship with nearly all the bells and whistles of the console versions, but it also comes with additional stages, content, items, and a fairly solid overall adhoc multiplayer mode.

Players will also enjoy familiar modes like "Survival," "Time Attack," and of course the ever popular "Arcade" mode. Players can also load up their "Ghost Characters" to the internet as well as download others to their PSP for personal use to help mix things up a bit.

Frankly, there’s not a whole lot of bad to say about this game. In fact, I might go as far as to say that this version definitely rivals if not bests the console version.

Superior graphics, strong audio, a huge cast of fighters both new and old, as well as rock solid game play mechanics really put this title over the top. A nearly flawless presentation earns Tekken 6 Portable a nearly flawless gem score back here at planet GiN.


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