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Flag It Free is a puzzle game for the iOS platform that allows to the player to build flags from around the world. Like other games of its the kind, players have to select three or more "pieces" in a row to complete a full block, and then those full blocks must be placed in the correct color slot to make the flag.

Unfortunately, there is a 60-second timer, which makes it nearly impossible to complete even if you are good at puzzles.

There are random colors along with the ones needed to complete the puzzle, which makes it even more frustrating to try and complete. You are given a look at what the flag should look like, but all the extra random colors just makes it too difficult.

For example, when completing Canada’s flag, which is in the first level, in addition to the red and white there are yellows, blues and other colors. That was incredibly annoying, especially when it takes 5 seconds to reset the flag pieces when no options are available. I would sit there and look for five to seven seconds for one match when it would refresh, and then only have 60 seconds to make a flag.

As an alternative, I would suggest doing this the way Flow does, which is a wonderful (and well-reviewed) puzzle game. Yes, there is a timed section, but also a free play version where you can take all the time you need.

The repetitive music doesn’t help when running under the gun, which you can fortunately turn off completely.

This game is not very educational either, which one might expect from a game like this. But I hear you asking, what about the cool vexillology(which is the study of flags) aspect? Isn’t that educational? Nope, this is just a silly game where you match colors and then put them into color slots.

Again the way you could make this game better is to either have longer, or no, time constraints, better and faster refresh rates, and to have the pieces go into the already completed flag sections.

I had high hopes for this game, but found it very disappointing. Out of 5 GiN Gems, I’d give it only 1.5 overall.

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