Summer Reign Rules over Fantasy Novels

Summer Reign
John Conroe

Hey all I’m back with my favorite Urban Fantasy series from the good folks at Audible. It’s Summer Reign, Book 13 of the Demon Accords, by John Conroe!

Plot Synopsis: Faced with writing college papers, prepping for tests, and teaching testy witches, Declan O’Carroll has enough on his plate. Not to mention the magical withdrawal of leaving his very own magical kingdom behind on Fairie. But when he and his friends are attacked from creatures out of folklore and fable, it seems the Queens of Summer and Winter aren’t done with him yet…

Plot: This is a wonderful entry in a series that has quickly replaced my past golden standard holder for the genre, The Dresden Files. I had a hard time stopping from listening through the night when I started it and it was one hell of a ride with many plot threads being continued and even a few resolved questions. While this entry is low on Chris and Tanya it wasn’t devoid of them, and Declan isn’t a terrible replacement either. Some may want the series to be focused more on Chris but with the events of the past two books it does make sense to have Declan step up to take his place as our PoV for the time being.

Get your own copy from Amazon, and dive into the epic fantasy of Summer Reign.

Characters: There are almost no new characters in this entry but there are a couple. That being said they are very minor, and the main focus is on Team Gordon’s warlock and his life after his recent trip to the realms of the Fae. Expect to see plenty of old faces from past books as well.

Overall: An awesome entry in a series I’ve come to enjoy quite a bit, the only downside is we have to wait for the next entry.

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