Short Stories Add Flavor to Demon Accords Series

Demon Accords Compendium
Volume III
John Conroe

I’m back with the next entry in my favorite Urban Fantasy series. It’s Demon Accords Compendium Volume III, Demon Accords Book 16.5 by John Conroe! It’s expertly narrated by James Patrick Cronin on Audible, which adds even more flavor.

Plot: This is another short story compilation entry in the Demon Accords universe and it covers some characters we’ve never seen before and reintroduces us to others we haven’t seen in a few books.

The short stories all take place shortly after the end of Darkkin Queen and help lead up to the next main entry which is shaping up to be incredibly action packed and I really can’t wait for it, which is a pity since Mr. Conroe hasn’t started writing it yet. But then I wasn’t expecting to be able to review this so shortly after the previous book so I can’t complain too much.

Characters: We get introduced to a couple new characters in this and my favorite is Neera because she’s such an interesting perspective we haven’t gotten in the series yet. I won’t say more because that would be super spoilerific but her debut story is easily the highlight of the compilation for me.

Overall: An excellent short story compilation that further fleshes out the world of the Demon Accords.

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