More Mystery With Cliff Walk

Cliff Walk
Bruce DeSilva

I’m back with another entry in the excellent Liam Mulligan series! It’s time to jog along with Cliff Walk by Bruce DeSilva!

Plot Synopsis: Prostitution has been legal in Rhode Island for more than a decade; Liam Mulligan, an old-school investigative reporter at a dying Providence newspaper, suspects the governor has been taking payoffs to keep it that way. But this isn’t the only story making headlines… a child’s severed arm is discovered in a pile of garbage at a pig farm.

CliffWalkINSIDEPlot: The plot is great, and while I always want books to be longer, this was just long enough to be enthralling and exciting. I won’t spoil the plot, but it is very, very good.

Characters: We get to see a lot of familiar faces from the previous book and meet a few new ones. Mason and Whoosh are still my favorites, because Whoosh is just a hoot and Mason is sort of naïve in an endearing way. My favorite new one has to be Peggy, but that’s because she has a dog and I’ve always got a soft spot for doggies.

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Voicework: Mr. Woodman is still voicing the series and I have to say he does an amazing job at it, with perfect New Englander accents and everything. Another quality work by him and Audible Studios.

Overall: An excellent sequel to Rogue Island and probably one of my favorite mystery novels I’ve read or listened to so far.

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