More Fun With The Natural Consequences of Good Intentions

Natural Consequences
Elliot Kay

Hi everyone, I’m back with the sequel to Good Intentions! It’s time to learn from the Natural Consequences, Book 02 of the Good Intentions series, by Elliot Kay!

Plot Synopsis: Alex Carlisle has enough to deal with even on quiet days. Living with an angel and a succubus is no easy feat. One has divine responsibilities she can’t explain, and the other tempts him toward a decadent lifestyle he’s not sure he can manage. Add to that the stresses of college and trying to hold down a job, and it’s lucky Alex can even keep his head on straight.

NaturalConsequensesINSIDEPlot: The plot is just as good as the prequel and it’s very well done. It deals with the fallout from the events of the last book and adds some new players into the already chaotic mix. If the last book was just mildly heartwarming (metaphorically) than this entry burns like a newborn star.

Characters: We get introduced to a few new characters this book, of whom I found Amber the best. The rest of the main cast from the previous book shows up, minus Taylor which I find to be a bummer. I thought Taylor was one of the better characters, and her absence is a pity.

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Overall: This is an even better sequel to an already incredibly heartwarming book. Well worth listening to!

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