Minecraft Mystery with The Rise of Herobrine

The Rise of Herobrine
Danica Davidson

Young fans of Minecraft rejoice. A new book in an Unofficial Overworld Adventure Book Series is out now. Stevie and Maison are back along with new friends and this time they’re out to save the Overworld from Herobrine, a horrible character who brings griefing to a whole new level.

This book, for readers ages seven to twelve, is a fun adventure story with themes of friendship, family and redemption. It’s a quick read at just 106 pages and has a good balance of action and characterization, which will make it appealing even to reluctant readers. Because it has strong female and male characters it would also make a fun read-a-loud book in the classroom.

HerobrineINSIDEAlthough it will be primarily of interest to young Minecraft players, it isn’t necessary to have played the game to enjoy the story. Anyone with a basic understanding of video games could enjoy this book. The essential story is that Herobrine is causing problems in the Overworld (the world of Minecraft) and Stevie, who lives in the Overworld, and his cousin Alex need help stopping him. Alex’s mother and Stevie’s father along with many other people in their villages are acting strangely mean. Leaves have fallen from many of the trees and animals are disappearing.

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Alex finds a broken music disk that only she and Stevie can hear, and it has a terrifying prophecy on it. Alex’s mother is frustrated with Alex trying to get her to listen to the prophecy. Stevie has been having nightmares about Herobrine, but he can’t get his father to listen to his concerns. Stevie enlists the help of his friend Maison, who lives in our world. She brings her friend Destiny and their friend Yancy with them to help stop Herobrine.

While I enjoyed the book, I felt like the ending was a little rushed. It needed another page or two to wrap up story and let the readers see a reunion between Stevie and Alex and their parents. Aside from the rushed ending, I thought it was a solid book, with a fun storyline, and would recommend it to any kid who enjoys a good adventure book, and it’s a must read for young Minecraft fans. Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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